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Discussione: Satellite Reign (l'erede di Syndicate?)

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    Predefinito Re: Satellite Reign (l'erede di Syndicate?)

    Non so, non conosco, ma sono moderatamente interessato.

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    Predefinito Re: Satellite Reign (l'erede di Syndicate?)

    We've got a new update for Satellite Reign available.

    This update does include some significant changes to the Save/Load system. We’ve tried to make sure it is still backwards compatible with old saves, and it seems to be working in our testing. When an old save is detected, it will be slightly modified to work with the new system, which will update the timestamp on the file. If you have troubles with old saves, please send us your save file so we can identify the cause.

    Also, we are aware of the heavy slowdown when loading. It will last for a few seconds while various things in the world are generated, and then return to normal.

    On to the changelist!
    • Distraction grenade.
    • Neural scramble.
    • Suppression.
    • Sniper setup.
    • Draw Fire.

      General Changes
    • Setup re-spawn costs based on progression, items and skill points.
    • Reduce starting funds to 1000.
    • Setup new “Harden” skill VFX.
    • Slight reduction of ammo on all weapons.
    • Add charge indicator VFX to sniper-rifles.
    • Save Slots. Ten of them. YES, TEN!
    • Added a conversion step to convert old save format to new.
    • Simplified Save/Load system.
    • Go-to and Cover indicator that's larger and fancier.
    • First pass at Clone Screen in the UI and agent customisation. Still very much work-in-progress.
    • Fixed health offset actually offsetting the health multiplier.
    • Setup multiple map states for ATMs and Relay Beacons
    • set everyone gets a pistol by default
    • fixed shield sizes
    • fixed being able to toggle enemy weapons
    • A Tutorial, noobies rejoice!
    • Cars can u turn, Hover Style.
    • Prep work for streaming assets.
    • Fixed clicking on cover when you meant the nearer scenery.
    Plus lots of work to other systems and districts yet to be unveiled!
    Finalmente i salvataggi che non scazzano

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    Predefinito Re: Satellite Reign (l'erede di Syndicate?)


    • Mission action "give items" now being saved.
    • Setup missions to now display what items have been previously awarded.
    • Going back into completed facilities will now re-award lost prototypes.
    • Removed splash screen tutorials.
    • Added some missing missions descriptions and message broadcasts.
    • Fix for re-spawning and being able to re-trigger tutorials.
    • Fix bug where items were not being awarded after loading.
    • Fix mission "folder path" when clicking on mission messages.
    • Fix bug where agents will have no weapons if they re-spawn after their corpse is de-spawned.
    • Fix researchers not saving on current research item.
    • New researchers will now automatically replace external researchers.
    • Added 3 leg augmentations revolving around sprinting.
    • Added items shield boost and shield re-charger.
    • Stopped adding targets to battle when you try to shoot them.
    • Fix wanted-level reducing (now reduces at 2 speeds: when in danger and not)... UI is still coming.
    • Fixed Up-cursor key not scrolling the camera.
    • Fix bug with tracker sprite masking madness.
    • Police and Corporate soldiers shouldn't want to kill each other any more.
    • Fix bug where wanted and suspicious values were not being reset on death.
    • Info can now be purchased about what items will be rewarded from breaching facilities, once the info-broker has been found.
    • Fix disappearing laser-uzi bug.
    • Setup missions to show rewards (only items are set up so far).
    • Changed siphon amounts for ATMs (now gives slightly more money).
    • Reduced info costs for missions.
    • Shuffled research costs for items.
    • Changed research costs so it is now cheaper per-researcher, but items need more researchers to complete.
    • Fixed bug where agent was not being spawned from Police Station.
    • Added lots of new items and weapons (some only first-pass).
    • Increased XP for stealthing through compounds (also added progression stealth XP increase).
    • Fix bug where 'Teleport All' on relay beacons only worked once all agents were rescued.
    • Added ground plate to ziplines to make it more obvious where to click.
    • Fix agents dying and falling into cover (now always fall backwards).
    • Power generators and doors can now be Hardwired (doors require a Hardwire point to be Hardwireable).
    • Able to force-use Hardwire boxes now.
    • Add chance to be electrocuted when force-interacting with Hardwire boxes.
    • Added chance to fall from zipline when force-using.
    • Added ability to force-hack terminals.
    • Added chance to fail on force-hacked terminals (stuns agents and calls reinforcements).
    • Added varying chance to fail based on level of terminal/Hardwire box
    • More work on random missions.
    • Added fail info to info panel.
    • Reduce EMP resistance on agents.
    • Added 15 second grace-time after a wanted-level is added before it starts reducing.
    • Fix timers from turning into a full white square.
    • Increase size of terminal indicators and set up flashing sequence.
    There are more changes, but Mike didn't record them in our internal changes document, so now we'll never know what he's been doing for the past couple of weeks.

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    Predefinito Re: Satellite Reign (l'erede di Syndicate?)

    Ma quanto manca ad un'uscita ragionevolmente definitiva, ragazzi?

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    Predefinito Re: Satellite Reign (l'erede di Syndicate?)

    Citazione Originariamente Scritto da White_Mason Visualizza Messaggio
    Ma quanto manca ad un'uscita ragionevolmente definitiva, ragazzi?
    Gli sviluppatori dicono questa primavera circa

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    Predefinito Re: Satellite Reign (l'erede di Syndicate?)

    Citazione Originariamente Scritto da White_Mason Visualizza Messaggio
    Ma quanto manca ad un'uscita ragionevolmente definitiva, ragazzi?
    Nella preview sull'ultimo numero di TGM indicano "Estate"... Poi boh; magari è un'indicazione di massima passibile di cambiamenti.

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    Predefinito Re: Satellite Reign (l'erede di Syndicate?)

    Uppo per segnalarvi che venerdì dovrebberò rilasciare il secondo distretto

    25 febbraio

    We were hoping to have the new update out this Friday, but we ran into some issues with memory (this update doubles the size of the game world). But fear not! Disky worked his magic and got it all working. It has pushed some other tasks back though, so we're now expecting to have it all ready for next Friday.

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    Predefinito Re: Satellite Reign (l'erede di Syndicate?)

    Slightly (ma molto slightly) related, Origin intanto rilascia gratuitamente Syndicate (promozione "offre la casa").
    Invece per Satellite Reign stavo per fare il pledge massimo (cosa che non ho mai fatto) o giù di lì, poi sentii una perturbazione nella Forza e non cliccai.
    Ad oggi seguo con interesse (e volevo sottoscrivere il topic ).

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    Predefinito Re: Satellite Reign (l'erede di Syndicate?)

    Trailer nuovo nuovo, carino

    Oggi dovrebbero rilasciare il secondo distretto, appena becco Mike Diskett online su Steam gli chiedo

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    Predefinito Re: Satellite Reign (l'erede di Syndicate?)



    New District Released! Update to Version 0.4

    After a long wait, we've finally got a new update for you, and it's a doozy! We've got an entirely new district, which doubles the previous size of the game world.

    Industrial District
    Introducing the Industrial District! This is primarily the turf of the Uzy Korporatsiya, or Uzy Korp, a Russian-based organisation. They control the city's imports, exports, and are big on armour manufacturing, so you'll want to keep your plasma weapons handy.

    New Factions
    New corporations now patrol the streets and compounds of the city. The previously mentioned Uzy Korp are located throughout the Industrial District, as well as in the compounds operated by their subsidiaries in Downtown, such as Ronin Industries.

    The Eternals make their first appearance as well. A corporation born from a religious movement, they own and operate the City Surveillance Authority, and can be found patrolling their respective compounds.

    New User Interface
    While it's still very much a work in progress, you're going to see some big improvements in the UI, both visually and functionally. The in-game HUD is being revamped, and the menus have been overhauled as well. There's still more to go, but it's already looking great!

    Streaming System
    With the introduction of a new district, and wanting to have a full city without any loading screens, we've now got a system to stream the world into memory dynamically. Again, it's still a work in progress, but it has come with some nice benefits, including reduced GPU memory usage.

    New Civilian System
    You'll likely notice more people wandering around the city now. This is thanks to a completely new approach to populating the city. Previously, there were lots of people in memory, but they were often outside of the actual gameplay area. Now, there are people to be found all over!

    New Tactical Opportunities
    You'll now have new tools at your disposal to break your way into the various compounds throughout the city. The Hardwire ability allows for more of a brute-force approach to getting through security.

    Ventilation systems can also now be exploited by your agents as a new way to sneak around. But, make sure you've evacuated any noxious fumes they might be funnelling.

    Updates to OpenGL mode
    Various bugs in OpenGL mode have been fixed, which should hopefully make things easier on our Mac and Linux users. As always, let us know if you come across anything that looks a bit funny.

    ================================================== ==

    There are still known issues in this build, some of which we plan to have fixes for shortly. We just wanted to get this in your hands as soon as possible!

    We're also 20% off for the next week, so now's a better time than ever to jump in and give Satellite Reign a spin!

    - 5 Lives Team

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    Update to Alpha version 0.6 - The Grid District Added!

    13 MAGGIO
    We've finally reached our internal alpha milestone. This means all of the game's features are implemented and functional. Additionally, we've unlocked the next district for you to explore! It's time to head into The Grid, home of The Eternals faction.

    With this update, we've also transitioned to the latest version of Unity - Unity 5. We weren't originally intending to move over to Unity 5, especially not so late into development, but Unity 5 had features which ended up being essential for being able to handle the scale of Satellite Reign's city.

    Please note that this is a Windows-only release. Sit tight, a couple of small Mac/Linux issues need to be ironed out, and then they will be updated shortly.

    There are countless changes in this build, but some of the more substantial changes are listed below:

    The Grid District
    The Grid is the home of The Eternals, an organisation fixated on moving humanity forward through body augmentation, replacing their mortal flesh with machines.

    The Grid is clean, wealthy and futuristic, setting itself apart from the rest of the city.

    UI Improvements
    Lots of improvements have made their way into the UI system.
    • Agents now have unique portraits.
    • New Agent clone screen.
    • Front-end menus.
    • Mission debriefs.
    Unity 5
    We now have access to the latest and greatest Unity has to offer. This brings the latest version of PhysX for improved physics performance, much improved profiling tools (to help Mike more efficiently squash bugs and performance hogs), improved CPU usage, and much more.

    Lots of these new features won't be immediately visible, but they will help us deliver a higher quality final version of Satellite Reign.

    New Abilities and Items
    We've added new abilities and items, as well as improved those which were already existing.

    You can now outfit your agents with drones, smoke grenades, sound-dampening grenades, shield boosters, and more.

    There are also new tactical opportunities with stealth-kills. Get up close behind unsuspecting enemies, and get a headshot for an instant kill. Please note that while this feature is working, it will be undergoing some design iterations soon to improve usability.

    Balancing Changes
    This version includes balancing changes to almost all aspects of the game, including money, experience, health, armour, and more. There's still much more balancing to go, but it is closer to what you can expect to see in the final release.

    NOTE: Due to both the above balancing changes and updates to missions, your old save files will no longer load. We try to avoid issues like these wherever possible, but with the amount of changes, loading your old saves would cause progression bugs and other unforeseen issues.

    Known Issues
    While we've made lots of improvements throughout the game, there are still plenty of issues to be found, and will be addressed in future updates. Some of them are listed below:
    • Long load at startup.
    • Cars throwing agents up in the air.
    • Environment streaming is slow if you move the camera quickly.
    • Out of Memory crash due to physics after extended play.
    • Game can take a long time to exit.
    • Framerate is still heavily affected by lots of on-screen characters.
    • Cars still aren't behaving correctly.
    What's Next?
    We're getting very close to our full release now. As mentioned above, we've reached our alpha milestone internally, and our beta milestone is very close behind. Our next planned update will include the game in its entirety, allowing you to play completely from start to finish, with all districts, missions, abilities, weapons, gear, augmentations, and the final boss encounter.

    At that point, we'll be going into HARDCORE BUG-FIXING MODE TURBO EXTREME. We expect this to occur in about a month.

    Have fun!

    - 5 Lives Team.

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    Predefinito Re: Satellite Reign (l'erede di Syndicate?)

    Quanto manca ragazzi?

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    Citazione Originariamente Scritto da White_Mason Visualizza Messaggio
    Quanto manca ragazzi?
    Un mesetto circa, stanno pulendo dai bug e ottimizzando

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    Update to version 0.7 - The C.B.D is added!
    We're on the home-stretch, now! This release sees the inclusion of the final district of the game, the C.B.D, as well as a huge list of other improvements and bug fixes. For a full, very long list, check the "Nightly Build Feedback" steam forum, but the most noteworthy changes will be listed here.
    Also, we said in the 0.6 update that our next major release would also include the boss encounter. Unfortunately, the boss fight is still currently getting another pass, but will be made available in the coming weeks. In the meantime, there's still plenty to sink your teeth into.

    The C.B.D
    Like the Downtown District where you start, the C.B.D is the jurisdiction of Dracogenics. As one of the highest layers of the city, the C.B.D is littered with areas where you can peer down to the tiers below.
    Also the entertainment area of the city, there are bars, malls, theatres, and even a convention centre to explore, and wreak havoc on.

    Shader Overhaul
    Satellite Reign makes use of a PBR material system (physically based rendering), which makes materials react to light in a more physically accurate manner. Some issues in our rendering pipeline have been found and rectified, and now metals look more metaly, plastics look plasticy, and leather looks leathery!
    SSRR (screen-space raytraced reflections) has also been tweaked, with reflections being much more prominent in the puddles on the rain-soaked streets.

    Gameplay Improvements
    Along with general bug-fixes, some gameplay mechanics have been revisited and improved.
    Stealth instant kills are now much simpler to execute, allowing you to issue the command regardless of your agent's distance from the target.
    Hijacking no longer withholds a portion of your Hacker's energy while controlling an NPC, but instead just affects the energy re-gen rate, depending on the strength of the hijacked entity.

    Nightly Builds
    Some players are already aware, but we've been uploading nightly builds of Satellite Reign to Steam for the past several weeks. These builds, as the name suggests, are updated nightly, and contain the very latest changes and fixes we've made to the game. If you're curious to see how things are progressing (and are okay with risking a sometimes unstable build being downloaded to your PC), we suggest opting into the beta to check it out.

    To give it a shot, right-click on Satellite Reign in your Steam library, and go to 'Properties.' The last tab will be called 'BETAS,' and it will have a drop-down list, where you can choose 'Nightly.' Click close, and Steam should update your game to the latest build.
    So much to do, and so little time! We hope you enjoy this update, and please let us know about issues you come across while playing. We're all hard at work to get this game as enjoyable and bug-free as possible, and your feedback is invaluable in this process.
    - 5 Lives Team

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    Finalmente riesco di nuovo a registrare anche se a metà video gli effetti sonori vanno fuori sincro :(

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    Nuovo update che dovrebbe ottimizzare di molto le prestazioni (devo ancora provar).


    Much improved frame rate.

    CPU optimisations and GPU SSRR performance increased.

    My stats..

    My GPU is an AMD 7770 (about the equivalent of a NVidia 750)
    My CPU is an oldish 3.07 Ghz quad core Xenon W3550 (equivalent of a 3.1Ghz i5-2400)

    In the tutorial with Vsync and SSRR Disabled Medium PC settings fullscreen dx9

    @1280x720 84 fps SSAO off
    @1680x1050 50 fps SSAO off
    @1680x1050 42 fps SSAO ON
    @1920x1080 43 fps SSAO off
    @1920x1080 36 fps SSAO ON

    After Loading save In Downtown under the green hologram tree in Patorshew Circle
    4 agents all with droids and shields surrounded by cars

    @1280x720 35 fps SSAO ON (cpu bound)
    @1440x900 35 fps SSAO ON (cpu bound)
    @1680x1050 33 fps SSAO ON (gpu bound)
    @1680x1050 22 fps SSAO ON SSRR on (gpu bound)
    @1680x1050 25 fps SSAO ON SSRR on & SSR LowRes (gpu bound)

    @1920x1080 29 fps SSAO ON (gpu bound)
    @1920x1080 29 fps SSAO ON (gpu bound)
    @1920x1200 28 fps SSAO ON (gpu bound)

    So it looks like I should play it at about 1680x1050 with SSAO on to get the best visuals without compromising frame rate too much.

    I would recommend a slightly lower res and have SSAO on, than a higher res with it off, YMMV.

    SSRR (raytracing reflections need a beefy GPU)
    SSAO (ambient occlusions, puts shadows into crevices)

    Mi sento tanto solo qua dentro

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    Predefinito Re: Satellite Reign (l'erede di Syndicate?)

    Sei l'unico che ce l'ha

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    Il Somax

    Predefinito Re: Satellite Reign (l'erede di Syndicate?)

    Io ce l'ho ma non mi azzardo nemmeno a rilanciarlo dopo la prima alpha finché non esce la release finale

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    Ufficialmente in Beta


    We're pleased to announce that Satellite Reign has now reached its content-complete milestone, meaning the entirety of the game is now available to play, from start to finish. From here, our focus is entirely on fixing bugs and improving performance.

    So, what's been added to this release?

    Dracogenics Tower Unlocked
    The Gates have been opened to the final section of the city—Dracogenics Tower. At the northern end of the CBD, Dracogenics Tower is the corporation's world headquarters, and the office of the CEO, Steven Dengler. If you ever want to take control of Dracogenics' Monopoly on their sought-after Res-Tech network, you'll have to climb the tower and say 'hi' in person—but don't expect a warm welcome. This encounter will be the most challenging portion of the entire game, so don't go up unprepared!

    Tag Gets a Voice
    Until now, Tag has just been some text on a screen, but now she'll deliver key mission information over voice-comms. In addition to the intro and outro sequences, Tag delivers updates on the ultimate mission objective has you progress through the city.

    Opening Sequence
    Rather than just dumping you into the world oblivious, we now have a suitably cyberpunk introduction sequence upon starting a new game. However, if you're anything like our lead coder Mike, and you hate story, feel free to hit the skip button.

    Leaving Early Access
    Entering beta is a huge milestone, but not has big as getting the game ready for the masses, and leaving Early Access. We're announcing today that we will be entering full release on the 28th of August 2015. We'll have a full launch trailer ready to go out before then, but in the meantime, here's a little teaser trailer we've put together.

    Of course, leaving Early Access is by no means a finish-line. Satellite Reign is hugely important to our little studio, and we'll be continuing to support the game as long as necessary post-release, while also investigating new content and features we would like to add.

    Thanks very much for all of your help and support over the past 7 months we've been on Early Access, and a huge thanks to those of you who had enough faith to back us on Kickstarter almost 2 years ago! We're almost there now, so keep leaving your thoughts on the forums, and sending those bugs through!

    5 Lives Team.

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    Come siamo messi?

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    Ancora due settimane, intanto nuovo trailer di lancio

    inoltre i dev ci avvertono che la localizzazione arriverà un po' in ritardo

    A quick note regarding the localisation of Satellite Reign. As promised, we are localising the game into French, Italian, German, Spanish, Russian and Czech. However, the translations will be delayed slightly until a few weeks after the digital release.

    This is not the fault of our localisation team, but rather due to us massively underestimating the amount of text we would end up with in the game. This meant that we were still adding and changing text much later into development than anticipated, which pushed out our localisation schedule.

    Rest assured, the localisation process is well under-way and reaching the final stages. There will then be a quick 2nd-pass to pickup any additional changes and inconsistencies, and we'll then roll out the localisations ASAP. Thankfully, pushing updates out on to Steam is quicker than building the game, so we'll be getting it into your hands as soon as it’s ready.

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    Predefinito Re: Satellite Reign (l'erede di Syndicate?)

    Di essere bello è bello, chissà se il feeling di Syndicate verrà replicato. Speriamo bene.

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    Se siete sopra il SUPPORT tier stanno mandando fuori le key per la soundtrack e la novella scritta da Russell Zimmerman, controllate la posta

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    Fuori le key anche dell' artbook

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    Predefinito Re: Satellite Reign (l'erede di Syndicate?)

    Prime recensioni

    PC Gamer - 80

    Kotaku - YES

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