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Discussione: [MOD SP&MP]: David Hunter 3!!!

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    Predefinito [MOD SP&MP]: David Hunter 3!!!

    carismatico in nome del mod, carismatico il mod

    David Hunter 3 MOD

    David Hunter 3 is the theoretical sequel project to the David Hunter 2 project, which was abandoned last year.

    But this project isn't entirely related to them so that doesn't matter!

    At such an early stage, not much can be revealed other than the dreams and ideas of the author (myself). Dh3 has been generally accepted to be based upon realism-war-strategy titles like the Delta Force series, but on a slightly unrealistic scale.

    Many realism games seem to lose some of their 'special holy goodness' as a whole due to their historical backgrounds and their stealth aspect.

    In Dh3 we're hoping to reverse this by making a title set slightly into the future to avoid historical stuff, into the the
    Dh Universe, where we have an almighty war, the likes of which have never been seen, on a magnitude that World War 2 could never have aspired to. Trench warfare has erupted across the entire band of western Europe, from the northmost point of Norway to the southernmost tip of Italy. The entire North and South American continents have been invaded by an incredibly unlikely regime of identical oppressors. Only New York City stands as a shining beacon in their darkest hours.

    The concept behind this is to bring in some truly immense scale gameplay (obviosuly some liberal fogging may be required) where large armies collide in an amalganation of metal, bone and flame, the mission of the play is often merely to survive and aid his / her fellow soldiers.

    We're also looking into creating several DF style objective missions with crack team deployment and strategem.

    This promises to be a good project with some real space for expanding dependent on the level of input the team could develop.

    High hopes for the future!

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    Lo Zio L'avatar di Vision83
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    I'm Dead, Jim

    Predefinito Re: [MOD SP\MP]: David Hunter 3!!!

    Ok, abbiamo capito:

    Cambiate la tag ad Hexen, da Doom a Quake xpert

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    Predefinito Re: [MOD SP\MP]: David Hunter 3!!!

    no quella di Doom non me la voglio levare

    ps: andrebbe aggiunta anche an Nosfe la tag di Doom in fondo

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    Lo Zio L'avatar di ramonesFAN
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    Predefinito Re: [MOD SP\MP]: David Hunter 3!!!

    Azzo hanno aperto il forum e nn m'hanno detto nulla !
    Questo mod inizia già dalle prime img a farmi sbavare..

    Hexe tienimi aggiornato mi raccomando..

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    Predefinito Re: [MOD SP\MP]: David Hunter 3!!!

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    Predefinito Re: [MOD SP\MP]: David Hunter 3!!!

    UP per non perdere il 3d (in accordo con Baz)

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