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Discussione: [Q4 Mod MP] : Quake4MAX Full (D v0.78d)

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    Arrow [Q4 Mod MP] : Quake4MAX Full (D v0.78d)

    http://babelfish.altavista.com/babelfish /trurl_pagecontent?lp=de_en&trurl=ht tp%3a%2f%2fdoom3.planet-multiplayer.de%2 fq4download.php%3fview.39

    Upgegradete version 0.3 the server Mod, which has to exhibit now a substantially more extensive feature list:

    - new ones brightskins
    - new one Main menu
    - new ones loading screen
    - Removed intro movies
    - Added "fov" ton the multiplayer menu
    - Added "green armor" ton the items
    - Increased server support
    - Added exe more installer
    - Weapon without HUD always on
    - Force Enemy models on TDM and CTF

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    Aggiorno il DATABASE

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    Quake4MAX v0.5 released


    It looks like the teams behind our two favourite mods of the moment Q4Max and X-Battle, have been working feverishly behind the scenes against all the odds (where is the SDK!?!) to update the offerings to the players. First up we have Q4MAX, here's the news from the homepage:
    The Q4MAX team is proud to announce version 0.5 of our competition mod for Q4 as well as the official development team for Q4MAX. The team has vast prior experience in mod creation and management, and currently consists of:
    arQon as lead developer, famed for his code on CPMA for Q3, as well as his work on OSP
    Blowfish as developer, who single-handedly coded PK++ for Painkiller with no SDK, and created the extremely handy Auto Updater "Steamfish", which is released with this update
    Swelt as lead mapper, famed for his maps for CPMA, who is also currently working with Teddy on Remix maps for Quake 4
    Preatorian as developer and artist, who created versions 0.1 to 0.4 of Q4MAX
    Hemostick as artist, who has created the new high resolution brightskins
    Alba as artist and webmaster, who has created the design for the new Q4MAX.com website
    zr0 as project manager

    Change Log

    - New improved Hud
    - New improved Brightskins
    - removed forcemodels
    - fixed mainmenu issues
    - fixed loadscreen issues
    - fixed various bugs causing "overload"-crashes
    - cleaned up various gui files
    - normalised machinegun sound
    - fixed q4 grabbing wrong gfx files
    - Steamfish Auto Updater

    Known Issues

    - Demos recorded with q4base cannot be played back in Q4MAX
    - Ammo pickup not registering when on a different weapon with 0 ammo.
    - Ammo pickup not registering when picking up ammoboxes for an inactive weapon.

    Download zip file e Download Steamfish (UPDATER / INSTALLER) lace this in your Quake 4 DIR potete scaricarli dall'Homepage del MOD,nella pagina dei DOWNLOADS:


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    mi ricorda qualcosa

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    Q4MAX Team Update

    It's a little unfortunate to have to say this so soon after announcing the 0.5 release and the development team, but we are sad to say that we have had our first departure. zr0, who has been the Project Manager until now, has resigned from the team will no longer be involved with Q4MAX. This was entirely his decision: we understand the reasons behind it, and thank him for all the work he put in getting the project started.

    zr0 felt that his role as Managing Director of Fnatic and the Fnatic Team had the potential to create a conflict of interest with Q4MAX's development somewhere further down the line. This is one of those cases where it's better to be safe than sorry, and take steps to avoid the risk entirely.

    zr0 played a key role in the formation and management of the early stages of the mod, and we will be looking to replace him with a skilled project manager in the near future. Until then, Blowfish, Swelt and myself will direct the project and handle any "executive" decisions that need to be made.

    ...magari esistevano dei siti italiani che riportavano queste notizie,accontentiamoci dell'inglese

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    Q4max (v0.71)


    He time has come for our first proper, real, post-SDK beta release. Before I talk about what features weĺve got, what features we are working on and what we plan to do in the future, Iĺd first like to offer out some thanks. First thanks go to the Q4Max programming team for the insane amount of effort they put in to get the mod into a fit state for use in the Winter CPL. That there were no reported problems with Q4Max was a major achievement. Our hearts were racing on the second day when we heard that no-one could connect to the servers but with some support from cha0ticz that turned out to be an installation problem and everything after that ran smoothly.

    Iĺd like to extend those thanks to the new members of the team, without whose efforts weĺd never had made it:

    * AnthonyJ, author of the Domination mod, working on GUI and Game Modes
    * custom3, contributor to sabot, working on bots
    * ech, working on tools and GUI
    * Mogul, working on sounds
    * qrealka, author of spiterbot, also working on bots
    * shaun, tools and support

    By now youĺve probably seen the CPL release ľ albeit without a changelog that shows all the included features. Since that time, weĺve carried on working hard for the first public release. Getting a version ready for the CPL, with their tightly controlled and enclosed environment playing a single game type, is a lot different to getting something ready for general usage. This is an ongoing development project, there are bound to be some rough edges in there, but we think we are ready to let you get your hands on Q4Max.

    Our development approach is very much based on experience from past projects. With that in mind, weĺve put in some basic building blocks that evolved in OSP and CPMA that will make further development simpler. One of those things is game modes. The mod ships with a set of standard modes for TDM, CTF, 1v1 etc. If you vote for one of those modes, you get a standard configuration ľ standard timelimit, fraglimit, weapon respawn etc. This makes things a lot easier for competitions using internet servers, as they just have one vote to call to know everything is set up correctly. These modes cannot be changed, but of course we allow for server admins to set up their own custom modes too. On top of that, we have a flexible voting system with support for referees (by password, election or automatically by GUID) and with an extensive list of votes already added to the system. Enter ôcallvote ?ö to get started. Each of these votes can be easily regulated by the server admin. With these fundamental elements in place, we can start adding more options to the game.

    So letĺs look at some of the key features weĺve got in the 0.71 beta of Q4Max:

    * Competition support: standard modes, referees, warmup and overtime modes, automatic demo recording and screenshot (server forced or client option), competitive settings GUI, high vis weapon skins.
    * Team mode support: fullbright team and enemy skins, custom enemy model, text chat tokens, team overlay with locations (go ech!), lockable teams.
    * Performance options: Ĺvertex lightĺ, r_lightscale unlocked, rocket and grenade smoke toggle, gib toggle, ambient sound filter.
    * New Mode: Clan Arena - callvote mode CA (address worship to AJ)
    * New Mode: Instagib - callvote mode iffa/ictf/itdm

    What next? There are still a few key features that need addressing, some of the harder things that weĺve not had time to address yet like pauses and a complete overhaul of the team code to enable better and more flexible team handling. Iĺm sure there must be some bugs lurking in there thatĺll need fixing, and some more performance optimisations. Bot intelligence is something that will take a lot of work. Weĺve got additional game modes like CTFS and Domination. And of course, weĺve got a bunch of nice-to-have features that weĺd like to include, like more hud options, graphic tweaks and such.

    What about gameplay changes? This mod is a competition mod. It has long been the basic premise of this class of mod that it should make no changes to the stock game rules. Weĺve had a bit of an issue with the shotgun, where an exploited bug became quite popular in certain circles, but (with guidance from CPL/CAL/GGL and Raven) weĺve fixed that. Beyond that, with our custom modes, we do have the option to build on variations to gameplay without affecting the base game. Included in the distribution is something to prompt some thought and discussion: a custom mode called ATDM (Advanced TDM) which uses a strong tiered armor system, 90 second quad respawn, no powerup drop and with droppable weapons enabled. However, gameplay changes to the Ĺvanillaĺ base are not in the plan.

    You can read the full changelog.

    Notes for version 0.71

    *add: callvote instagib, vote_allow_instagib
    use seta si_modes "IFFA ICTF ITDM" and seta si_mode IFFA
    to create an instagib-only server

    *add: cg_blood (0|1, default 1)
    show bloodstains, spurts, etc on players

    *add: cg_gibs (0|1, default 1)
    explode corpses into itty bitty pieces

    *add: cg_smoke_RL, cg_smoke_GL (0|1, default 1)
    controls smoke trail effects

    *add: players spawn with all weapons (except DMG) and 100A in warmup

    *add: team overlay (health, armor, weapon, location of your teammates)

    *add: automatic referee privileges
    create a file called "reflist.txt" in your Q4MAX directory
    and put the GUIDs of your admins/clanmates/etc in it

    *add: cg_weaponFovEffect (0|1, default 0)
    controls weapon model being "pulled back" at higher fovs (like Q3)

    *add: Clan Arena mode (standard mode "CA")

    *add: "callvote mode map" to do both at once, but use the UI: it's much easier

    *chg: removed g_gun_roll, g_gun_yaw, g_gun_pitch
    they didn't actually do anything

    *chg: g_fov upper limit raised to 120
    there's certainly a point at which a high FOV changes from a
    competitive setting to an exploit, but 120 is within the safe zone

    *chg: unlocked r_lightScale

    *chg: normalised the MG firing sound

    Notes for version 0.70 (the CPL Winter Release)

    *add: more OSP commands
    remove <player>
    marine <player>
    strogg <player>

    *add: cg_noChatBeep (0|1, default 0)

    *add: CPMA chat tokens
    #a armor
    #h health
    #i nearest significant item
    #l nearest significant item spawnpoint
    #w current weapon and ammo
    use ## if you actually want a # to show up in chat

    *add: r_vertexLight (0|1, default 0)
    use a (much much) faster codepath for world lighting
    r_skipBump 0 can have nasty side-effects with this
    since bumpmapping REQUIRES localised worldlights

    *add: ui_autoAction (default "", options "demo" "ss")
    automatically record demos, and/or take screenshot at match end
    if you want both use "demo ss"

    *add: si_autoAction (default "", options "demo" "ss")
    force players to record demos etc - very handy for leagues/events

    *chg: chat appears as "player: green text"

    *chg: teamchat appears as "(player): cyan text"

    *fix: (RB) pain sounds were really unreliable

    Notes for version 0.60

    *add: OSP-style votes and vote controls (vote_allow_x)
    the vote_allow_x controls obsolete g_voteFlags
    autobalance (team games only)
    caplimit (flag games only)
    dropweapons (team games only)
    fraglimit (nonflag games only)
    mode (mode does NOT have a vote_allow var: see si_modes)
    overtime (0: sudden death, 1: 2-minute periods)

    *add: vote_limit (default 3)
    maximum number of votes a player can call per game, 0 = no limit

    *add: OSP commands
    abort (referee only)
    allready (referee only)

    *add: cg_forceModels (default 1)
    forces player models to cg_enemyModel/cg_teamModel

    *add: cg_enemyModel (default "")
    forced enemy player model, blank uses default model

    *add: cg_teamModel (default "")
    forced team player model, blank uses default model

    *add: cg_forceColors (default 1)
    forces player colors to cg_enemyColor/cg_teamColor

    *add: cg_enemyColor ("R G B", default "")
    forced enemy player color, blank disables coloring of enemies

    *add: cg_teamColor ("R G B", default "")
    forced team player color, blank disables coloring of teammates

    *add: hud_style (default "cpmhud1")

    *add: ref_password (default "")
    if set, allows players to gain limited admin privileges via the "referee" command
    note that the password is case-sensitive

    *add: si_mode (default "FFA")
    loads a gametype and its associated rules (timelimit etc)
    this supercedes the g_gametype cvar, and MUST be used instead
    there are 5 "standard" modes: FFA, DM, TDM, CTF, ACTF
    see docs/modes.txt for information on creating custom modes

    *add: si_modes (default "")
    restricts the modes the server allows, blank means no restrictions
    e.g. si_modes "TDM CTF ACTF" means the server can only be used for team games

    *add: dropWeapon command (teamgames only)
    drops your current weapon for a teammate

    *add: g_feedScorebot (default 0)
    provide match information to external tools (Score_Time, Score_Marine, etc)
    you must never feed a scorebot after midnight

    *add: ready/notready status shown on scoreboard

    *chg: minimum respawn time is 2 seconds

    *chg: maximum respawn time is 4 seconds

    *chg: com_allowConsole defaults to 1

    *chg: players can warm up in inactive tourney arenas

    *chg: the UI calls FFA "FFA" rather than "DM"
    since they're not the same thing, and some of us actually know that

    *chg: g_voteFlags has been removed (vote_allow_x supercedes it)

    *chg: si_weaponStay has been removed
    "weaponRespawn 0" in a mode config replaces it

    *chg: si_teamDamage has been removed
    "teamDamage x" in a mode config replaces it

    *chg: the "centerview" command has been removed

    *fix: (RB) g_fov is a config cvar

    *fix: (RB) spawn selection code was horribly broken in DM

    *fix: (RB) SG and HB switch time was broken

    *fix: (RB) the various bob/roll cvars work correctly in MP

    fix: (RB) r_displayRefresh works correctly in MP

    fix: (RB) r_skipSpecular works correctly in MP


    http://quake4.filefront.com/file/Q4max;5 3457

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    Q4Max (v0.73)


    Itĺs been a while since our last public release, but we are now ready and proud to present Q4Max v0.72. Since our last release, the team have been working hard on a number of key features and of course bugfixes.

    This release is for Quake 4 1.0.x, and is not compatible with Quake 4 version 1.1. We will release a version compatible with this release as soon as it is ready. As there are substantial changes in 1.1 we do not wish to rush the release and introduce problems, nor do we wish to delay this release any further.

    The first main feature is the addition of pause. When we released version 0.71, we said that pauses were too hard to include in the first release because of the time required to add them. One of the base assumptions that the original developers made in all their code is that ôtime wonĺt stopö, so going back and adding in the option to freeze time has a very wide ranging effect on the code. Itĺs not been easy, but pauses are in.

    One of the areas where pauses really werenĺt compatible is the original Tourney mode. With multiple games running concurrently, having pauses causes both technical and gameplay issues: if one arena takes longer to complete, the rest of the server is left waiting; likewise getting those independent arenas to pause separately would require delving very deep into the spider-web of code that is the current tourney system. We came to the conclusion that this simply wasnĺt viable, so weĺve added a classic ôDuelö mode ľ a single 1v1 match with winner-stays-on player rotation. The Raven Tourney mode still exists, but pauses are not an option here. Duel is certainly our recommended option for any serious tournament using Q4Max, though weĺll be interested to see whether the public duel community stays with the bracketed tourney mode or shifts to the old-school duel style.

    Another addition to the mod is CTFS ľ Capture the Flag Strike ľ a hybrid of Clan Arena and CTF that places one team on offence trying to steal and return the flag from the defending team, who must eliminate the attackers. CTFS can be a lot of fun, and we hope you enjoy it.

    The final main addition is the dumping of the end of game statistics as XML files. These can be used by third party tools to produce summary statistics of how you play over time. The statistics can be generated either by clients, or on the servers. We have produced a PHP script which can be installed by server administrators to provide a summary of all games played on the server. This is just the beginning though - hopefully third party tools will also be produced to summarise the data in different ways, both for clients and servers.

    There are many more minor features included in the release, which you can read about in the changelog.


    * ADD: Compatibility with q4 1.1, including all additional functionality from this release.

    * ADD: startfreeze callvote/mode option which freezes player movement during countdown for CA/CTFS

    * ADD: startrespawn callvote/mode option which forces players to respawn after countdown for CA/CTFS

    * ADD: countdown callvote/mode option which changes si_countdown

    * ADD: cg_ambientEffects 0/1 allows players to disable world effects

    * ADD: cg_deadBody 0/1 allows players to disable showing of dead player bodies before they respawn

    * ADD: XSL Templates which display match stats in a "pretty" format.

    * ADD: fs_xslTemplate cvar specifies the XSL template referenced in XML stats

    * ADD: 1.1 cvars pm_zoomedslow and g_simpleitems added to the competition menu

    * ADD: "follow" command. can supply either a playerId, or a powerup ("quad", "regen", "haste", "invis", "marineflag" or "stroggflag"), and you will spec this player.

    * ADD: enemyspec callvote/mode option which enables/disables the ability to spec enemies when you're dead in CTFS / CA.

    * ADD: "timeout" command which is not restricted to refs. Limited number of timeouts (sv_maxTimeouts), and limited duration (sv_timeoutMaxLength).

    * ADD: When server uses si_allowhitscantint 3, the railtrails are tinted using cg_enemycolor / cg_teamcolor and not the default strogg / default marine colours.

    * CHG: q4maxXML renamed to MAXStats, and now can display data on both clients and servers, and provides detailed match breakdowns in addition to summary data on servers. See separate documentation.

    * CHG: Numerous icons made nomip

    * CHG: Made spectator text less obtrusive

    * CHG: g_simpleitems 1 now disables the "hologram" effect of item spawn markers

    * CHG: g_muzzleflash now also removes the actual firing flare

    * CHG: removed ui_model_backup, ui_model_strogg and ui_model_marine cvars

    * CHG: Spectator text tweaked to improve visuals during video broadcasts

    * FIX: (netcode) Reduced the amount of serverinfo data transmitted, thus reducing "SendReliableMessage overflow without allow overflow set" errors.

    * FIX: Spectators should now be able to rejoin the game in FFA

    * FIX: Duel no longer allows 3 players in the game if a player joins once the game has started

    * FIX: Player names/clantags with < > & ' or " are now correctly escaped in XML output

    * FIX: Tourney mode now correctly creates multiple arenas again

    * FIX: Tourney mode now respects the overtime callvote correctly again

    * FIX: Tourney mode now populates scoreboard/hud correctly at start of the tourney.

    * FIX: force model will force the heads of models in all cases correctly now.


    http://quake4.filefront.com/file/Q4Max;5 9428

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    Quake4MAX (v0.74)

    Q4Max 0.74 is now available for download. Along with this update for the latest version of Q4, we've added several new features including:

    - Coach mode, including a coach voicechat button

    - Spectator locking

    - Two layer custom crosshairs (including large sizes)

    - Client-side hitscan tint selection

    - Pause/timeout countin, and countdown clock

    There are another 30 items in the changelog, so be sure to check out theWIKI

    Download Q4Max 0.74 (Requires Quake 4 Point Release 1.2)

    http://q4files.escapedturkey.net/quake4/ pk4s/q4max/q4max074.zip

    http://download.levitation-gaming.com/?a ction=download&fileid=2353

    http://www.planetquake4.net/download.php ?op=fileid&lid=2295

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    Q4Max 0.74b Patch


    As expected, the last release - 0.74a - has helped with the framerate issues seen in q4max 0.74. Unfortunately, one of the performance improvements had an unexpected side effect, which caused servers to shutdown.
    This is the tweaked version, that fixed that so it no longer happens.

    * chg: autoaction now stores screenshots in the screenshots/ directory.
    * chg: Show a message in the chat window when someone disconnects.
    * chg: g_clientprojectilecolision marked as archive, so now stored in configs automatically
    * fix: bug relating to animations not loaded on the server, causing warnings and then state errors.
    * fix: health/armor no longer decreases at all during a timeout / pause.
    * fix: respawn minimum / maximum time no longer affected by timeout / pause.
    * fix: (Performance) a little more HUD tweaking.

    This release replaces q4max 0.74a, but is still an incremental change on top of q4max 0.74. Therefore, servers and clients need all 3 pk4's from 0.74, and the new 0.74b pk4. Servers should remove the 0.74a pk4.


    http://quake4.filefront.com/file/Q4Max_7 4b_Patch;63006

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    Q4Max 0.75


    This release adds many new features and fixes to all gameplay aspects of Quake4. For teamplay games in general, they've added distinct Strogg model sounds, allowing players to tell teammates and enemies apart by sound.

    Team games also got their fair share of attention though, and Freeze Tag makes its Q4 debut in this release. Freeze Tag is a team mode that has your opponents turn to popsicles when health reaches 0. Stand next to a frozen teammate to thaw them, returning them to the game. Win the round by freezing every member of the opposing team.

    Amongst the items in the changelog, you'll see alot of lines marked Performance. This has been another key focus for the team, and we are very proud of the results. We are confident that the majority of players will find a noticable boost in FPS, especially if they take advantage of the new performance options. What's new:

    # New 1v1 scoreboard, now showing detailed individual player stats at a glance
    # New Player Profiles system, a controlled-config manager that allows players to save and load only those options configurable through the GUI
    # New Demo Browser, to make watching demos even easier
    # Additional support for server demos add: Freezetag gametype added.


    http://quake4.filefront.com/file/Q4Max_0 75;64704
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    Q4Max (v0.76)


    Q4Max 0.76 incorporates all of the changes found in Quake4 1.3. They have taken the opportunity to fix a few issues, and to introduce some functionality changes of their own. This includes tweaks to the Freezetag rules, the introduction of a handicap system, and support for the "xgo sounds". These sounds have been extended to support the Napalm Gun and the Strogg modelsounds, and are believed to provide much better positional information than the standard q4 sounds.

    On top of this, they have taken the 1.3 changes and extended them to fit within the Q4Max mod. Buymode may be controlled through modes, and more importantly has been extended to work within the CA, CTFS, and Freezetag gametypes, with cash bonuses awarded for various events in these gametypes.


    http://go.download.filefront.com/5376118 ;4a516f1748bd2442;91ec923575af0dee2409c2 ef3767621d55820bd779b74829d63b906f6e1db9 8222e1cd041b0a1c54

    Aggiornamento FIX LINUX:

    Q4Max - Server and Linux Hotfix (v0.76a)


    http://go.download.filefront.com/5376120 ;b3c700cc62847e7f;91ec923575af0dee2409c2 ef3767621d55820bd779b74829d63b906f6e1db9 8222e1cd041b0a1c54
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    Q4Max 0.76b


    Quite a number of changes. This ranges from improvements to the menus, through to changes to the XML stats.

    Also included is a com_warnings cvar, which allows you to disable the warnings printed to the console - even those generated by the Q4 engine.


    http://files.filefront.com/q4max076bzip/ ;5456812;;/fileinfo.html
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    Q4Max (0.78a) (fonte)


    Questa versione di Q4Max Ŕ compatibile con la Patch di Quake 4 versione 1.4.1 Beta. I server avevano dei problemi di crash e con questa versione non si avranno piu questi problemi e in piu Ŕ stato fixato la paletta dei colori.



    Utility MAXBrowse (fonte)


    Questa Utility e stata progettata per il Mod Mutiplayer Q4Max e la compatibilitÓ con i server appositi.



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    Q4Max (0.78b) (fonte)


    Questa nuova versione del mod di Quake 4 ottimizza e corregge molti bug della versione precedente:

    • add: Capture xml stats from demos with demo_capturestats 1.
    • chg: cg_blood 1/0 back to normal on _all_ models. (see quick blood fixes in .78a)
    • chg: Tweaks to the .78 stats stylesheet : weapon icons + awards are back, minor formatting tweaks.
    • chg: Serverside XML stats are now generated on callvoting map changes, map restarts, etc.
    • chg: fs_xslTemplate no longer marked as archive. We do not recommend you have this in your configs unless you use a non-default xsl template.
    • chg: You can press enter to validate a password prompt or a profile save prompt.
    • chg: "players" now works for Q4TV on both repeaters and for viewers.
    • chg: net_serverDlBaseURL default changed to reference q4files.quakecommunity.com
    • fix: "follow" now works for Q4TV viewers again.
    • fix: Reverted to former projectile collision code, solving projectiles terminating in wrong places.
    • fix: A rounding issue with handicap increased weapon damages by 1 unit on linux servers.
    • fix: Players warping to spawn points (no, really).
    • fix: Clients connecting during a timeout would crash.
    • fix: Changing hud_style reset the timer to the upper left corner.
    • fix: Scorebot feed is now reflected through chained repeaters.
    • fix: Couldn't switch POVs on Q4TV in some special cases with spectators on the game server.
    • fix: Corrected errors on Q4TV after changing some serverinfo vars without a full restart (eg ref callvote mode)
    • fix (RB): Walking on stairs when zoomed looked jittery.
    • fix: Corrected player movement when sliding along walls which caused player to get stuck. Code update provided by id Software.


    Ultima modifica di NoSf3rAćU; 22-04-07 alle 05:55:03

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    Predefinito Re: [Q4 Mod MP] : Quake4MAX (D v0.78b)

    Questa mod va avanti a piccoli passi , sarebbe interessante una versione 1.0 dopo tanto tempo

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    Predefinito Re: [Q4 Mod MP] : Quake4MAX (D v0.78c)


    Q4Max (0.78c) (fonte)


    Questa versione di Q4Max Ŕ stata sviluppata per renderla compatibile con la nuova Patch di Quake 4 versione 1.4.2; in piu sono stati fixati alcune piccole inperfezioni.
    • add: Q4 beta 1.4.2 compatibility - this version of Q4Max does not run on previous versions of Quake 4;
    • add: Tickrate is now mode-controlled through the "tickrate" setting. The core default is 60, duel runs at 90 si_fps is now read only. See the Votes and Modes documentation pages for more info;
    • add: Spectators can now see respawn timers for powerups, armor, and the MH. This is enabled serverside via g_allowSpecTimers, Clients can enable/disable it with hud_showSpecTimers and position it using hud_specTimerPosition;
    • add: Initial Battlesuit support. Mappers : in the entity menu, select pickup/powerup/powerup_battlesuit;
    • add: NetworkStats command. On clients, reports in/out rate and incoming PL to the console. On servers, does this for all connected clients;
    • add: _moveDown can be used to cycle views backwards in spectator mode;
    • add: cg_drawcrosshairnames 2 : teammate crosshairnames use ui_nick;
    • add: "performance" and "eye candy" presets in the profiles menu;
    • add: Game Version reported in the Server Info tab of the ingame menu (i.e "Q4Max 0.78c");
    • chg: Too many bot things to list, considering they're still unsupported;
    • chg: Allow teamchat for specs even in non-team gametypes;
    • chg: Not showing ui_clan in crosshair names anymore;
    • chg: Only beep on player chat/teamchat. This excludes server/game messages and TV chat;
    • chg: god, noclip, give commands accessible again. Only useful on listen servers (go mappers);
    • chg: Tweaked gladiator rail effect;
    • fix: Coach now able to cycle views when team is speclocked;
    • fix: Speclocking a team should now force uninvited specs to view something else;
    • fix: Hud powerups stuck when switching teams;
    • fix: Couldn't select Gladiator rail in the main menu.


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    Predefinito Re: [Q4 Mod MP] : Quake4MAX (D v0.78c)


    Q4Max Full (0.78d) (fonte)


    Questa nuova versione Ŕ compaibile con la nuova Patch di Quake 4 versione 1.4.2 ed Ŕ stata ulteriormente migliorata; infatti il TEAM consiglia una nuova installazione della modifca! Nel dettaglio sono stati fissati importanti modifiche:
    • fix: "scoreboard bug" with spectators shown as in game after changing to spectator;
    • fix: spectimers no longer vanish after a serverMapRestart.



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