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Discussione: [Mini MOD] : Lighting Battle

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    Arrow [D3 Mini MOD] : Lighting Battle

    Lighting Battle

    Disappointed by the unexciting DOOM 3 multiplayer, two guys have decided to improve it somehow by creating a new deathmatch mode that will make it more white-knuckled, hard-hitting. Up to eleven players should be able to battle together in several new maps, and apparently existing ones might also be converted to support it.

    A video sporting roughly a minute of in-game footage shows ShadowMan and Techokami fighting wildly in one of them. You may download:


    http://x400.putfile.com/videos/d5-337164 51677.avi

    The Features

    What's Done:

    - Faster, higher-jumping, higher-health, fall-surviving characters
    - Weapons rebalanced: fire faster, have more ammo, and other miscellaneous tweaks (chainsaw range increased).
    - Rocket Launcher replaced with Chainsaw Launcher.
    - Player always has all weapons at any given time (minus BFG).

    What's Happening:

    - New weapons: explosion gun, sledgehammer
    - New weapon sounds
    - New maps (mod currently uses a handful of maps from d3files.com)
    - New player skins

    What's Next:

    - Unreal-style announcer?
    - New macros
    - Katana weapon


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    Uppo questo mod ancora in sviluppo

    ad essere sincero devo dare pure un'occhiatina per vedere le novitÓ

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