Final Fantasy scenario writer announces RPG Zodiac for PS Vita and iOS

A 2D persistent online RPG featuring turn-based battles.

Kazushige Nojima, who wrote the scenarios for several Final Fantasy games including VII, VIII, X, and the upcoming XV, and Hitoshi Sakimoto, best known for composing the scores for Final Fantasy Tactics and Final Fantasy XII, are working on a new PS Vita and iOS persistent online RPG called Zodiac.

Announced at the Tokyo Game Show, the 2D RPG is set in an ancient world once ruled by powerful gods. Players will explore an ancient prophecy and master the power of the 12 Zodiac Signs.

The game itself is being developed at the France-based Kobojo studio. Its director describes it as bringing together elements from Final Fantasy, Valkyrie Profile, and Dragon’s Crown to create a “new online multiplayer experience.” That said, the game isn’t online-only. You can go at it solo if you’d like.

The battle system is turn-based and, much like the rest of the game, fuses together western and Japanese styles. Players can switch between classes—the aforementioned 12 Zodiac Signs—on the fly during battle.

Zodiac has been in development for a year and is due out in 2015. Kobojo is still debating on whether it will be a free-to-play or priced title, saying it depends largely on platform owners like Sony to approve. The game is built on the Unity engine, meaning it could also come to other platforms at some point in the future.