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    Predefinito Registrazione batteria elettronica

    Buongiorno a tutti
    sono nuovo del forum
    mi sono iscritto perchŔ ho un quesito da porre:
    io sono felice possessore di una batteria elettronica roland tdk9 e l'ho collegata ad un ottimo mixer behringer 1012 .
    ora ho la necessitÓ di dover registrare delle basi (non importa in che formato) e mi chiedo se sia meglio usare audacity (in dotazione con mixer) o acquistare un registratore digitale multitraccia (un tascam 006 ad esempio).
    nel caso sia preferibile percorrere la seconda strada, posso importare il file dal registratore analogico su audacity e lavorarci sopra per l'editing?
    grazie infinite
    tags: car games free download ,
    free online shooting games ,
    online strategy games
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    Il Fantasma
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    Predefinito Re: Registrazione batteria elettronica

    If you require technical assistance to run DOOM, call id
    Software's technical support line at (303) 339-7111 or
    e-mail [email protected].

    If possible, please be near your computer when calling id
    Software's technical support. Please have information
    regarding your system setup and configuration available.

    Before changing your system or software setup we recommend
    that you review your system manuals to ensure that your
    modifications will not endanger any existing information or
    hardware on you system or network. Modifying your system or
    your software setup can be dangerous, and we cannot help you
    with any resulting problems.

    When DOOM runs, I get an "Insufficient Memory" error or DOOM
    just doesn't run.

    You don't have enough free RAM to run DOOM. This usually
    happens with 4Mb RAM machines -- you need about 3Mb of free
    RAM to run DOOM. If you have DOS 6 or later, boot your system
    and hold the left-shift key as the "Starting MS-DOS..."
    message appears. This will bare-boot your system and you must
    change to the DOOM directory and run DOOM. Your best bet is
    to make a CONFIG.SYS menu for a custom DOOM boot -- see
    page 97 in your MS-DOS 6 User's Manual.
    If you have DOS 5.0 or earlier, you must create a bare boot disk.

    Note: Do not use memory managers like EMM386, QEMM, etc.
    Do not use disk caching programs like SMARTDRV, etc.

    I get a "WRITE ERROR" while DOOM is decompressing.

    You are using a disk compression program such as STACKER or
    DOUBLESPACE. These utilities try to make an "educated"
    guess as to how much disk space you have left. Obviously,
    they're wrong. Delete some big games that are chewing up
    hard drive space, like any Wolf-alikes.

    The Windows SETUP program runs after installation.

    DOOM did not install to your hard drive, probably due to
    insufficient disk space. See above answer for a solution.

    My GUS doesn't work.

    The default IRQ for a GUS is 11. DOOM doesn't handle IRQ's
    above 7. Change this with your GUS setup program.

    I can't get digital sound from my Sound Blaster compatible
    sound card.

    You are experiencing a DMA conflict. You may have a CD-ROM
    or hard drive on the same DMA channel that you specified in
    DOOM's SETUP program. Change the DMA channel of the sound
    card or offending device.

    DOOM locks up before I see the title screen or at the title

    You need to turn "Hidden Refresh" off in your CMOS Advanced
    Chipset settings. If you're using RAMBIOS.SYS, you must
    remove it from your CONFIG.SYS. Make sure you also turn off
    any Hardware Video Shadowing (also found in CMOS settings.)

    DOOM runs really slow, locks or "pauses" on a fast system.

    Some systems have a option in the CMOS setup for switching
    the speed of the PC from the keyboard. This is the
    "Turbo Switch" or "Turbo Switching" option. Disable this
    setting and your problem should be fixed.

    I hear static when listening to DOOM with my Sound Blaster
    (or compatible) card.

    Run SBP-MIX (in your SBPRO directory) and turn down Line and
    Mic volumes to 0.

    I still hear static, or my sound effects are breaking up.

    Disconnect any parallel port devices. (Sound cards,
    to work with DOOM, must use IRQ5 or IRQ7, which are
    used by LPT2 and LPT1 -- where printers are connected.)

    I can't get sound on my ATI Stereo FX card.

    Contact ATI for a BIOS upgrade.

    DOOM is too dark to see anything.

    On some monitors, DOOM may be too dark to play. Press F-11
    to improve the view.


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