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    Predefinito [MAPPA SP] : Damnatio Memoriae Ep II completata!!

    Secondo episodio in lavorazione:

    I'm working on the second (and last) episode of my mod Damnatio Memoriae.

    It is the sequel to Episode I: Escape from Prykohn. If you have not played it yet, do so immediately, you won't be dissapointed!!!

    This new episode will be a mix of Machinima/Adventure/FPS


    After escaping from Prykohn, you arrive at Omikron-7, where Commander Wfehnf awaits you. He is not very pleased to see you, after discovering that the Creatio Anulo (The ring of creation) is lost. You are murdered soon after meeting him, but "God" decides to give you an opportunity and bring you back to life if you recover the Anulo for him.

    About 1/3 of the mod will be machinima.

    It will have a bizarre, surrealistic feeling.

    It will have some adult material. Don't worry, nothing you couldn't buy at the supermarket. If you have a problem with nudity/political incorrectness this mod is definitely not for you.

    Some people complained about Ep. I being very difficult to figure out and about performance. Ep. II will focus more on story and will have many small levels instead of one huge one.

    There will be many NPCs, dialogues, etc. NPC characters have facial expresions and "speak" the strange Targian language. Unfortunately you can't see this from the shots, but it's pretty funny!

    So far the first two levels are basically finished (only left to add detail). They're 100% machinima

    Some early dev. shots

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    Predefinito Re: [MAPPA SP] : Damnatio Memoriae Ep. II: Creatio Anulo (compl: 15%)

    Lo sviluppatore annuncia la data di uscita , 6 Giugno 2006!!

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    Predefinito Re: [MAPPA SP] : Damnatio Memoriae Ep. II: Creatio Anulo (compl: 15%)

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