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Discussione: FPS Offical MOD Topic

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    In quel ramo del lago di Como...

    Predefinito FPS Offical MOD Topic

    Questo topic ha lo scopo di raccogliere tutti i mod più importanti per i vari FPS.

    Pensavo nel post successivo di mettere l'elenco dei vari giochi e dedicare un post ad ogni FPS.

    Per aggiungere i mod potete:

    1) mandarmi un PM con titolo del mod, descrizione, collegamenti
    2) scrivere un post qui dentro (che verrà poi cancellato) in modo che possa aggiornare il listone.

    Se avete idee, modifiche o suggerimenti postate pure

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    In quel ramo del lago di Como...

    Predefinito Listone Giochi

    Evvai di lista
    [list type=1][*]Half Life[*]Doom 3[*]Far Cry[/list]

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    In quel ramo del lago di Como...

    Predefinito Half Life

    Pirates Viking and Knight
    Pirates Viking and Knight in versione 2.3.1 beta, il sito ufficiale è http://www.pvkii.com/, ti dò anche alcuni link per il download:

    http://www.fileplanet.com/files/140000/1 46305.shtml
    http://www.gamershell.com/download_7189. shtml, un in più ecco la lista modifiche e bug fixes:

    Version changes/Additions:
    PVK Beta 2.31:
    *Akz's Bugfixer 1.3 (Fixes Chest dupe/crash bug, Skin hacking, Alt Walking, and more)
    *Grogbot 1.0 (Bots for PVK)
    *Metamod and AMX Pre-Installed
    *Steam Compatable, control menu fixed
    *14 Fan made custom maps
    *PVK Strategy guide (Located in main pvk mod folder)
    *New Background and custom steam gui colors
    *Compatable with PVK 2.1

    Thanx To Mauro Rosati
    Gangwars 1.45, non è ancora uscita ma manca pochissimo, ecco il link del sito ufficiale:

    http://ga.cugaming.net/index.php, hanno rilasciato anche ben altri 110 screenshots tratti dall'ultima versione che deve uscire, il link è il seguente:

    http://ga.cugaming.net/modules.php?name= coppermine.
    Thanx To Mauro Rosati
    The Trenches
    E' in uscita (molto imminente da quello che leggo) un'altra modification per il nostro amatissimo Half Life, si tratta di The Trenches, ambientato niente di meno che nella prima guerra mondiale, la release date è data per l'8 Ottobre, quindi è quasi alle porte, ecco il link del sito ufficiale con tutte le informazioni necessarie:


    thanx To Mauro Rosati

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    In quel ramo del lago di Como...

    Predefinito Doom 3

    Xios Skin
    Xios Skin pack nella sua ultima versione, la 5.1. Praticamente è un replacement delle skin di Doom 3, molto più dettagliate e con alcune chicche che lascio scoprire a voi, intanto il link:

    http://doom3.filefront.com/file/Xios_Ski n_Pack;31191, poi la lista delle features:

    Skin Replacements/Revamps
    All Skins Exept, Zsecurity heads, a few zombies, guardian, tick, sargetank.

    -Ravamped Skins(Better looking, Realistic Characters(updated from 4.4))
    -Ravamped Weapons: Better looking, more battle worned weapons....
    -They still look the same only higher quality bumpmapping and textures, look at Machinegun screenshot for example.
    -Uses Pistol and commando sounds from trent reznors pack.
    -New main menu music and loadup screen.
    -Uses Enhanced Gore v3
    -Only bigger monsters gib.
    Known Problem: Imps seem to not burnaway, They will just dissapear.
    -Make a Folder in your Doom3 Directory(EX: C:/Program Files/Doom 3/

    -Make- C:/Program Files/Doom 3/Xios[5.1]/
    OR just drag the folder that is in the zip to your doom 3 directory
    Unzip the XioSPv5.1.zip file, Place the Xio5.1.pk4 in the new Folder
    you have made in your Doom 3 Directory.

    -Start the game, click on MODS(lower right hand corner at the main menu),Load the Mod.

    Useful INFO
    -If your running on low settings, This might not work.

    -If you want to use this mod but you love the one you are using ATM, Open
    my .pk4 file (winrar)and the other persons .pk4 file and place whatever folder
    that is in there with mine and they should work together as long as
    it does not replace the samething.

    -this might cause alittle lag, be sure to tweak doom 3config.

    -Don't like one of my monsters skins? Open up my pk4 file with winrar go into the
    folder and find the monster that you don't want replaced, delete it and all should be good.

    -Uses Enhanced Gore v3 Final:

    1) Gibs and Corpses Stay
    All Zombies and Humans Gib (including Player)
    Big-Demons and Cherub Corpses Stay - Other Demons Gib
    Zombies only gib when hit by bigger weapons
    Realistic Health for NPC´s

    2) More Blood - Blood Stays
    Enhanced Gore Effects
    Different Gib Effects
    Improved Decals
    Blood Gushes out of Wounds
    Endboss bleeds more

    -Screenshots were tooken with a GeFORCE6800 GT.

    -this skinpack is used in D3-A

    -Medium quality does not show most of the new bump mapping for skins but it does show weapon bumpmapping differences.

    -Look in SP5 folder for the .pk4 file and the example Screenshots


    All Skin and weapon Textures = High Res, Bump mapping increasment,

    Recommended Setting: High

    These are ALL very Modified Textures/Bumpmaps(high setting users)

    You should have no problem Loading the mod, If you are running on
    Ultra Settings...run it on High.

    No... I have not Tested Low Settings, Test it for yourself.

    Leggete attentamente perchè come dice il readme, avendo settato Doom 3 in low settings tutta questa bella roba puo' non funzionare.

    Buon divertimento.

    Thanx To Mauro Rosati
    More Gore
    More Gore in versione 0.2, il titolo dice tutto, il link è questo:

    http://doom3.filefront.com/file/More_Gor e;31189

    La lista delle features e altro:

    Readme File:

    ======================================== ========================
    Title : MOREGORE v002
    Author : Josiah Suarez
    Email Address : [email protected]
    AIM : JosiahsEvilTwin
    Description : this mod=more blood and guts!
    Additional Credits to : nitroclan for creating the first gore
    mod for doom 3. (www.nitroclan.de)
    the creator of the BattleReady mod for
    ideas that I stole.
    ([email protected])

    ======================================== ========================

    * Play Information *
    Episode and Level # : Any single player map
    Single Player : Yes
    Deathmatch : Untested but probably doesn't work
    Difficulty Settings : Unaffected
    New Sounds : No
    New Music : No
    New Graphics : Yes

    * Construction *
    Base : Bloody pictures
    Build Time : 1 million years
    Editor(s) used : Photoshop
    Known Bugs : Gib effect really slows down

    * Installation *
    Just put the zip file in your Doom 3 directory (the one with
    doom3.exe) and extract. This will create moregore.bat,
    moregore.txt, and a /MOREGORE subdirectory containing the data
    files for the mod. Execute moregore.bat to play.

    * Revision History *
    v002: major improvements to gore effects, blood decals stay
    forever, fixed broken graphics files, more graphics replaced,
    numerous other useless features added (ASCII!!!11!1)
    v001: replaced standard blood particles with huge blood
    fountains, improved standard blood tga files

    * Copyright / Permissions *
    This mod is free to use and abuse as you wish.
    Authors MAY use this mod as a base to build additional content,
    just give me some credit and let me know what you've done.

    * Where to get this WAD *
    FTP Sites: none
    WWW sites: http://doom3.filefront.com/
    BBS numbers: none
    Other: your mom

    Thanx To Mauro Rosati
    Have fun!!!!
    Devastating Doom
    Devastating Doom 1.2, ecco il link:

    http://doom3.filefront.com/file/Devastat ing_Doom;31186.

    Lista features:

    Readme File:
    Welcome to "Devastating Doom 3" v1.2

    This is a mod to make your experience in Doom3 much better.

    NOTE: PLEASE! DO NOT DISTRIBUTE THIS ANYWHERE WITH THE EXCEPTION OF MY PERMISSION! On my site will be a list of sites that this mod is allowed to be hosted. As of this writing, it should ONLY be Fileplanet and/or Dark Viper Studios! Please report any other sites to [email protected]

    //////////---- Installation ----\\\\\
    1. Extract this .zip into the base doom3 folder (so C:\Doom3 for example)
    2. Run Doom3
    3. Go to "Mods"
    4. Load up "Devastating Doom"
    5. Hit Play!
    //////////---- ************ ----\\\\\

    v1.2 is much more a sincere mod than ever now. With a few more things improved to bring up the fun factor as well as keeping up the scare factor, your weapons now have more bang for their buck. The shotgun now sounds like a shotgun and the enemies finally react to the impact accordingly. The pistol is now more the equivilent of a Desert Eagle at the cost of reduced clip size, and has a flashlight attached. Also the impact of the bullets for the pistol is now a tad more realistic. Once you shoot them in the face or shoulder, youll see what i mean. Speaking of wich, if you can nail the zombies with a clean shot to the forhead, much like RE, they will fall. However, unlike RE, these Zombies will reincarnate SECONDS later, thanks to an enhancment by "Project Brian 1.4".

    Also because its my day off today, i opened up Sound Forge 7 and enhanced the intro music specifically for this mod. I think its a little more enjoyable to listen to now

    Thank you for your download! Keep watching for future versions!

    if you have any comments, suggestions, etc, please fell free to email me: [email protected] or go to the DVStudios forum at http://dvstudios.org/mb/

    Shotgun will have a flashlight (a weak one, so you can see the devastation your inflicting when in the dark)
    Monsters will not vaporize away
    Chaingun shot sound will be improved.
    Some misc sounds will be improved (such as medpack pickup)

    my site: http://www.dvstudios.org

    September 8 2004

    History of events!!
    v1.2 {
    Intro Music has been enhanced specifically for thsi mod
    Your Pistols power is basically the equivilent of a desert eagle. At the cost of Clip size. (so not recommended in large scale fights)
    Machinegun has a clip of 100, improved stopping power
    Machinegun has a much improved shot sound
    Shotgun has a clip of 10 now, 8 was too little, increased stopping power.
    Shotgun also has a much more powerful "BOOOM" for your buck(shot), hehe
    doomkey file removed, was put in other build by accident before
    merged both pak files into one
    v1 {
    better enhanced pistol sound,
    zombies respawn, unless decapitated
    physics have been improved,
    the pistol has a flashlight attached, but nothing else,
    gibbing a zombie will not work for any weapon, just the chainsaw
    Chaingun has a belt of 200 bullets now

    Thanx To Mauro Rosati
    Ryan's DOOM 3 Mod Pak File

    Ryan's DOOM 3 Mod Pak File (build 51) si occupa di modificare quelle piccole cose che in Doom 3 non erano presenti, in primisi i suoni delle armi (in effetti dopo l'abbandono di Trent Reznor diciamo che si sente la mancanza di un professionista del sonoro), ecco la lista completa con tutte le modifiche apportate:

    * Console now responds to tilde key being pressed instead of requiring 3-key combination.
    * Cyberdemon fight and Caseon PDA fixed.
    * Players and entities do not gib with any weapons.
    * Bodies do not vaporize.
    * Weapon sounds for Pistol, Shotgun, Machinegun and Chaingun are changed (including monsters.)
    * Player now bleeds.
    * Pistol grip is now green.
    * Player shadow is now displayed correctly like in multiplayer. #
    * Game is bloodier in general (more blood.)
    * Player jump/land/pain/disorientation/step sounds are changed.
    * Chaingun takes about a second to wind up now to ensure full wind up sound is played.
    * Keycard sound is now an official DOOM 3 sound.
    * Menu theme is now 128kbps; secondary theme mirrors main theme now.
    * "idlogo" RoQ movie intro replaced with updated intro.
    * Several door sounds changed.
    * GUI sounds changed.
    * Low ammo sound removed.
    * Chaingun motor loop sound removed.
    * Swinging light sound changed.
    * World flashlight projection changed.
    * Rocket Launcher fire sound changed.
    * Grenade selection/activate/bounce sounds changed.
    * Shotgun clip changed to 5 shells.
    * Shotgun reload rate changed to 1 shell.
    * Low ammo for Shotgun changed to 1 shell.
    * Serial information added to Machinegun skin.

    * Weapon/reactive/step sounds changed for the following monsters:
    -- Thin Zombie/Scientist Zombie
    -- Fat Zombie
    -- Commando Zombie (both types)
    -- Imp
    -- Hell Knight

    Ecco il link per il download:

    http://doom3.filefront.com/file/Ryans_DO OM_3_Mod_Pak_File;31352.

    Have fun!!!!
    Thanx To Mauro Rosati

    Segnalo doomXL, trattasi sempre di teak qua e la, ecco la descrizione delle features:

    * Flashlight Flare
    * Semiauto pistol
    * Smokeless grenades
    * Smokeless firearms
    * Tighter shotgun grouping, 5 shell clip
    * Plasma Rifle Forcefield & RailBeam Attack
    * Forcefield Generator
    * RailBeam Attack

    E il consueto link per il download:

    http://doom3.filefront.com/file/doomXL;3 1353.

    Thanx To Mauro Rosati
    Plasma Sentry Bot

    Ne segnalo un'altra, si tratta di Plasma Sentry Bot (1.1), nome molto esplicativo non trovate? Ok, ecco le caratteristiche:

    This mod gives you a Sentry Bot, which follows the player through the game. The Sentry is armed with a plasma gun, instead of the normal machine gun. This mod is based on the mod "GuardSentry" by Nivelxe. AI system originally by Nivelxe, used under permission.
    ---------------------------------------- ----------------------------------------

    And now the changes since version 1.0:

    ---------------------------------------- ----------------------------------------
    Both Plasmaguns (player & Sentry Bot) have now lilac-red plasma. The sounds of the plasmagun of the Sentry uses the classic sounds from Doom 1&2.

    Link per il download:

    http://doom3.filefront.com/file/Plasma_S entry_Bot;31357.

    Have fun!!!!
    Thanx To Mauro Rosati
    Love Hate

    Love Hate (1.0 Fixed), ecco le features:

    * Rate of fire
    -pistol is fatser
    -machinegun is faster
    -plasma rifle is faster
    -chaingun is alot faster
    -chainsaw is faster

    * Clip size changes
    -plasma rifle holds 70 shots
    -chaingun holds 90 shots
    -shotgun holds 12 shots

    * Player
    -can now have 200 health
    -can now have 225 armor

    * Monsters
    i gave most of the monsters 200 more health so it is a bit harder to kill them

    * Sound changes
    -chaingun sounds more like the venom in return to castle wolfensein
    -plasma rifle idle is a bit louder
    -soulcube idle is a bit louder
    -bfg idle is louder

    * Spread
    -shotgun's spread is 9 (tighter spread)
    -chaingun is a litle more accurate

    * Damage
    -plasma rifle does more damage
    -chaingun does more damage
    -pistol does more damge
    -fists alot weaker (for realism)
    -flashlight alot weaker (for realism)

    * Other changes
    - instead of pressing (ctrl+alt+~) for the console you only have to press (~)

    Il link per il download:

    http://doom3.filefront.com/file/Love_Hat e;31368.

    Have fun!!!!
    Thanx To Mauro Rosati
    Doom Realism v 0.6:

    Ecco le features:

    This is Version 0.6 of the ever growing Doom 3 Realism Mod (We will be changing the name soon). With this release, the mod has grown bigger than ever, and I am slowly forming a team! As I Write this, We currently have about 10 members, and by the time you play this mod, we should have even more! The biggest Feature of this version is that EVERY SP LEVEL in the ENTIRE game has been CHANGED!!!!! These Levels now have MORE MONSTERS and WEPONS, and the gameplay is COMPLETELY different than on regular D3...This Mod is based on one thing....ACTION!!! You will now go through the levels fighting for your life the ENTIRE TIME! The strength of monsters, and power of your weapons have also been altered to allow a much more intense and realistic experience!!!!! It is advised to use quicksave a lot, because this mod is truly difficult.... This version will give you a small peak at what to expect to see in the new sp campaign we will be adding in the future...One noticeable difference between our campaign, and the current one, however, is that ours will be squad based.....The intense combat will be similar though!!!! This Version also includes Two NEW monsters that do not replace ANY Current monsters...They are the Spectre, and the Nightmare Imp (The Spectre has been included into the upgraded, regular SP maps in this mod). I hope that you will all enjoy seeing them in action as much as I do!! Also, to everyone who has been worried that this Mod is not balanced, DON"T BE! You might have more powerfull weapons now, but the enemies (ALL OF THEM!!!!) are more powerful now...And some (Such as the mancubus and Hellknight) even have more HP! Overall, this mod makes the Doom3 gameplay MUCH faster, and more intense... You must use all your skill to avoid taking damage, while making precise aimming... The only game I can compare this mod to is Call of duty on the vetran difficulty, whith the exception that I HAVE NOT removed the med packs in this mod....


    I recommend completing the game for the first time whithout mods installed... It is an amazing experience an

    E infine il link per il download:

    http://doom3.filefront.com/file/Doom_Rea lism;31529#Download

    Thanx To Mauro Rosati
    Unarmed Marine
    L'altra è Unarmed Marine, ecco le features:

    Quality: 3

    Overall Rating: 3

    [ta-da!] D3Files proudly presents the first ever file "Joke of The Week"!

    It just allows you to spawn a zombie "that looks like human" near you - period. The author was kind enough to let you script its AI so it can do something useful.

    In short, not the kind of file that will end up into the hall of fame!

    Unarmed Marine - Readme

    Readme File:
    Simply pop the def folder into your base folder

    This is pretty basic,its basically a zombie on your team. but he looks like human though.
    I hope a good scriptor could make it so it follows you and stuff. just give me credit
    please. he also has the sounds and health right just needs some AI work or somthing.

    the npc name is: monster_sec_unarmed

    spawn monster_sec_unarmed

    e-mail me at Raven761 AT hotmail DOT com

    Ed il link per il download:

    http://doom3.filefront.com/file/Unarmed_ Marine;31531.

    Thanx To Mauro Rosati

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    Lo Zio
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    Predefinito Re: FPS Offical MOD Topic

    Segnalo G.H.O.S.T. Ops, mod in lavorazione per Half Life 1, maggiori informazioni sul sito ufficiale:


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    Lo Zio
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    Predefinito Re: FPS Offical MOD Topic

    Altra modification in sviluppo, Mechmod Water, ecco il sito ufficiale:


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    Lo Zio
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    Predefinito Re: FPS Offical MOD Topic

    Non è una modification ma farà la gioia di tutti gli smanettoni di file di configurazione per Doom 3 si chiama DOOM 3 Config File Creator, ecco il link per il download:

    http://doom3.filefront.com/file/DOOM_3_C onfig_File_Creator;31711

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    In quel ramo del lago di Como...

    Predefinito Far Cry


    Outpost22 v1.1 mod

    http://farcry.filefront.com/file/Outpost 22_V11;29193

    Here is an updated version of one of the best single player map's that i've played, hope you enjoy

    This is the best single player map that wasn't created by Crytek that I have played. The graphics are good, the method you use is up to you, stealthy or rambo style... This is a definite must try for FarCry... I'm looking forward to more maps from the creator
    Thanx To Hexen Third
    Evil Island

    Evil island (mappa sp)

    http://farcry.filefront.com/file/Devils_ Island_V130;28633

    Devil's Island mission briefing.

    This mission leads you to a group of islands located somewhere in the Atlantic
    Ocean near French Guiana. Devil's Island is the most southerly island in this
    group. The island once was a notorious French penal colony, and later utilized
    by the European Space Agency as base for launching satellites. Nowadays the
    island is privately owned by GENETECH International, a large research center,
    said to be founded and financed by the large family empire 'Krieger Holdings'.

    GENETECH International specializes in research on combinatorial biosynthesis
    and cloning of humanoid species. Recent reports lead to the conclusion that
    under the expert guidance of the brilliant scientist, Alexia Krieger, the
    GENETECH projects are at the brink of a major breakthrough.

    Your mission is to try and gain access to Alexia Krieger's office, and retrieve
    reports on current status and future expectations of the running
    bio-engineering projects.

    Unfortunately direct infiltration of this island is as difficult as escape used
    to be during its role as penal colony. The island defenses rely on a
    sophisticated satellite system called ASATS. ASATS - or Advanced Satellite
    Surveillance - makes undetected approach by boat or plane impossible.

    Under the ruthless direction of local head security - Mathilda Krieger - the
    well trained security personnel is highly motivated to shoot at any intruder
    first, and ask questions later. It will need determination and improvisation to
    successfully complete your mission. To survive, you must follow the
    instructions carefully during the mission.

    Target info:
    Devil's Island, Time zone: UTC-3
    GENETECH International, Subdivision Combinatorial Biosynthesis
    Head security: Mathilda Krieger
    Research manager: Alexia Krieger
    Retrieve project status reports from Alexia Krieger's office

    End of briefing.

    Thanx To Hexen Third
    devil Coast

    Devil Coast (mappa SP)

    http://farcry.filefront.com/file/Devils_ Coast;29891

    Devils_Coast(The Awakening) is the first map in a 7 to 9 map project. This map has two unique endings and each ending will currently load a game level. When the next two maps are complete this map will be updated with a few new bonuses and the endings will link to the 2 new devils_coast maps.

    Thanx To Hexen Third
    High Call
    High Call mod

    http://farcry.filefront.com/file/High_Ca l_Mod;27794

    This is Modification for Far Cry, the game we all love a few details that I noticed were different weapon skins, also different skins for the mercenaries, PLUS it records your jumps......

    Thanx To Hexen Third
    TDM1 (map MP)

    http://farcry.filefront.com/file/TDM1;32 558

    This is a medium to small island cluster map, which will accept 8-10 players comfortably any more than this could cause lag, due to the wide array of destructable & interactible objects.......but judge for yourself!

    Thanx To Hexen Third

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    Predefinito Re: Far Cry

    Up per sicurezza!!!

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    Predefinito Re: FPS Offical MOD Topic

    bisognerebbe aggiornare i link e i post

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    Predefinito Re: FPS Offical MOD Topic

    In effetti andrebbero tolti i post di DooM e Half Life che hanno forum a sè e aggiornare i mod per gli altri fps
    Ultima modifica di heXen; 21-09-06 alle 17:12:10

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    La Nebbia
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    Predefinito Re: FPS Offical MOD Topic

    qualcuno sà x caso, ke fine ha fatto il progetto quake remix? è passato qualke anno ma nn l'ho dimenticato! gli screenshot erano fantastici !

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    Thumbs down great post.

    great post. Thank you. here is some of my thought. 90-N901B1000

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    La Nebbia
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    Question Re: great post.

    Citazione Originariamente Scritto da batteryblog8 Visualizza Messaggio
    great post. Thank you. here is some of my thought. 90-N901B1000

    e cosa c'entrano le varie batterie x i portatili, con il progetto di quakeremix?

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    Predefinito Riferimento: FPS Offical MOD Topic

    consiglio 2 moddoni per half life 2:

    battlegrounds 2
    mod che permette di utilizzare gli avanzatissimi moschetti e fucili a canna liscia
    ambientato durante la guerra di indipendenza, si può scegliere tra 4 classi per fazione

    Insurgency mod
    ambientato in iraq, punta sul quasi realismo

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    Predefinito Riferimento: FPS Offical MOD Topic

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    Predefinito Riferimento: FPS Offical MOD Topic

    è tutto bellissimo

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    Predefinito Riferimento: FPS Offical MOD Topic

    io ci passai ma per dio che è questo? che sgomento

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