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Discussione: [MOD SP] : In Dark-Defiled Ruins

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    Predefinito [MOD SP] : In Dark-Defiled Ruins

    un mod che prima era per D3 ma cancellato ed ora rinato per Q4


    La trama:


    It has been thousands of years since the demon invasion from hell ripped the very foundations of this world. Countries were destroyed, buildings razed, earth cracked open by the might of the demonic invasion, and those opposing the demons were murdered gruesomely. Surprisingly, instead of killing everyone mindlessly, for some reason, the demons instead chose to force the survivors to worship their lord, Samael. But years of invasions on other planets unknown to mankind and the lack of Samael's presence on Earth has made it possible for a group of rogue demons of Samael's lineage to slowly but effectively bend the control over earth and some other planets toward themselves by declaring themselves as the new rulers and closing the door to hell, which was located somewhere on earth, to prevent Samael from interfering in their plans. The motive of the rogue demons is clear, a new Creator more powerful than Samael himself could be resurrected to control a new world more mighty than hell. The Creator will not only free them of Samael, but he alone will grant them ultimate power over a whole new era of darkness ruled by them all, not just Samael.

    Trapped and desperate, Samael tried his best to fight the rogue demons. But their numbers have increased over years, and their powers had grown immensely. At this time, when everyone Samael trusted have deceived him, he found his savior among those whom he once hunted for power...

    Kane is what people call him. No one knows much about him, but many fear that the blood in his veins is of devil himself, as they have seen him fight demons and survive battles like no other human ever has. Every battle he has fought, every time he has put his life in the hands of his non-existent god, he has always questioned his existence. Was he forever doomed to live the life of a meaningless and pathetic human, watching his brethren run like cowards and ripped apart in seconds by some low life demon?

    Suddenly, his thoughts changed, his questions were finally being answered, not by his god, but by the devil inside him..

    "Fight for me as I guide you to my enemies. Kill them all and I will grant you the power beyond belief. Time has come for both of us to destroy those who stand in the way of our destinies..", a voice thundered inside his head, talking not to him but his very soul. Tired of fighting meaningless war for others, fighting a loosing battle for humans, Kane made the obvious decision.

    Kane left everyone behind. People yelled at him to stop, questioning his sanity as always, as he walked alone unafraid of any demon, unafraid of death, as he had found a guide finally. As he steps outside of their hiding, there is nothing but desert, chaos in the air. The smell of burning flesh, ruined buildings for as far as you can see, ashes raining from the sky. But he feels stronger than before, his old wounds healing slowly, and as he loads up last of his weapon the voice thunders inside his head once more, giving him the directions to the first location where first of the 13 guardians are guarding the crystals holding the hell doors closed. The moment he loaded up his shotgun, he spots a zombie crawling pathetically toward him..

    So it begins...


    vi ho uppato immagini attinenti solo a Qauke 4, quelle di D3 è inutile inserirle.

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    Predefinito Re: [MOD SP] : In Dark-Defiled Ruins

    i modelli delle armi, specialmente della prima, sono proprio brutti

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    Predefinito Re: [MOD SP] : In Dark-Defiled Ruins

    UP per non perdere il 3d (in accordo con Baz)

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