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Discussione: [MOD SP] Dreamscape: Pin Point Blank

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    Predefinito [MOD SP] Dreamscape: Pin Point Blank


    La Mod
    Dreamscape is a 3rd Person Strategic Shooter that is viciously real and unforgiving in nature. The game has no health bar, but instead pin points the damage on your body in a realistic fashion, and on the most "realistic" setting you can kill just as easy as you can be killed. So being strategic on how you go about killing your victims is key, or if you just want to toy with them, wound them by aiming for non-lethal points, then dispose of them as you like.
    The "Point Blank" system, which is when an enemy is close enough, and in real life there would be no way you could miss, simply press the Point Blank button and execute them. So need to spin 180 degrees when you find someone sneaking up behind you.
    And if you don't want to kill them, feel free to press the melee button and take them down in style with various weapons, or just press Use to grab them and human shield yourself, but be careful, if your human shield dies you won't be able to hold him up for too long.

    For who?
    Be warned, this game is not for the kiddies. Dreamscape is set in a volatile world and you are in the company of sadistic men, if not being a tad brutal yourself.
    So taking a pair of scissors to someone's throat is not ruled out as a possibility. If you are close enough to an enemy and have a powerful enough weapon, beware of brain matter splatter when point blanking skulls. Also, plenty of colorful language!

    In Dreamscape, you play Virgil "the Virgin" Coltreese, a former underground crime ring bodyguard previously an accountant, who is pulled back into his old life, by his brother who has heavily gotten into trouble with a drug ring run by Apollo Kardova, a lowly syndicate kingpin.
    His son, Angelo, who isn't exactly down to earth, is more worthy of the title of Kingpin, but still must wait his turn. You run into an old colleague working for the Kardovas, Job Fisk, an old hitman from the ring you escaped from years ago, now working as a Kardova bodyguard.
    Through Job, Angelo Kardova gives you a chance to rectify your brother's deeds and keep you both alive, and puts you to work, but soon the Kardova family starts crumbling, all hell breaks loose and the jobs don't seem to matter as much as staying alive.

    So be rest assured, this game isn't just about doing one job after another til something happens, everything has a purpose to the total picture.
    Pin Point
    The pin point system is an accurate damage model. For example, if you get shot in the arm, your shooting accuracy will suffer. If you are shot in the mouth, you will start to mumble. If you are shot in the lungs, you will start to breath heavily. Your stamina will decrease as well. In essence, your injuries will directly affect the way you play the game.

    Point Blank
    This is our close-range combat system. For example, if you are in close range, you can grab an NPC with a press of a button. You will be able to break his neck based on the movement and velocity of your mouse. Swipe your mouse left and you will twist the NPCs neck to the left. The velocity of your swipe will determine the states unconsciousness or death.

    Sanity Level
    This measures your level of sanity. For example, if you get into a violent shootout, you will become less sane. Perform a stealth kill and you will become more sane. Getting shot will decrease your sanity level. If you become too insane, your character will commit suicide. Therefore, you have to find a right balance between stealth and free-for-all shooting if you want your character to survive his inner struggles.

    Buy and Sell
    You will be able to purchase drugs from other NPCs. You will be able to bargain with them too. Take drugs to increase your sanity level. However, drugs will have side affects, so use them sparingly. You can also sell drugs: Sell them for high prices and you might be able to make a profit. Use this profit to purchase unique weapons and armor!
    FAQ - Domande Frequenti
    What is this game?
    This is an HL2 mod, which is a Half-life 2 modification. This means that we modified HL2 to make this game.

    What is Dreamscape: Pin Point Blank?
    Dreamscape: Pin Point Blank is a realistic stealth/strategic 3rd person shooter. As in real life, stealth is a very good way to kill someone without being noticed. When stealth is not an option, you have to decide whether it's smarter to move silently or to move with force. The situation may also decide for you or your body my not be able to perform one or the other. Dreamscape will sport many unique features such as the Pin Point System, the Point Blank System, Sanity levels, and more.

    What's the Pin Point System?
    There is no health bar; the Pin Point System is about the realism of bullet hits and how they would affect your body. Your Sanity, Agility, Accuracy, Power, and Blood Count, as well as the types of maneuvers you can perform will be affected. The Pin Point System replaces the conventional "100"hp in the corner with true to life consequences.
    Sanity: Losing sanity will make your kills more brutal but lose a lot and sometimes you will lose control of your character for a few seconds. Lose all your sanity and you will end up committing suicide.
    Agility: How quickly you can perform moves and run, as well as, how stealthy you can be.
    Accuracy: Your shooting accuracy.
    Power: How strong your melee attacks are.
    Blood Count: Loosing blood will cause your character to get light headed and dizzy, loosing too much blood will cause you to black out for a few seconds, but loose all your blood count and you die of blood loss.

    *All hits lower your blood count
    1 Shot: Accuracy is reduced by 30% for that hand, Non-lethal Melee attack Power weakened.
    2 Shots: Accuracy is reduced by 40% for that hand; Non-Lethal melee attack power greatly weakened.
    3 Shots: Lose Ability of that hand except for very minor things, opening doors, etc.

    1 shot: Arm Accuracy and Melee power weakened.
    2 shots: Arm Accuracy and Melee power greatly weakened.
    3 shots: Arm borderline useless.

    1 shot: slight limp, Agility, and kicking power reduced.
    2 shots: heavier Limp, Agility Reduced, cannot kick.
    3 shots: Barely walk on it, Agility borderline none .
    Both legs shot 3 times: You must drag yourself on the ground.

    Lower Head:
    1 shot: Some Sanity lost.
    2 shots: Sanity lost.
    3 shots: Sanity greatly reduced.

    Upper Head (Brain):
    1 shot: Dead (unless lucky, Sanity greatly lost).
    If Lucky, 2nd shot: DEAD.

    1 shot: Dead (unless lucky, Sanity greatly lost).
    If Lucky, 2nd shot: DEAD.

    1 shot: Power/Agility lost, Blood count starts dropping slowly.
    2 shots: Power/Agility lost, breathing loudly and coughing, cannot perform stealth, and the Blood count drops a bit faster, Sanity lost as you start coughing up blood.
    3 shots: Power/Agility lost, you die very soon if not repaired.

    1 shot: Power/Agility lost, Blood count starts dropping slowly.
    2 shots: Power/Agility lost, hunch over in pain and wretch, cannot perform stealth, and the Blood count drops a bit faster, Sanity lost as it hurts like hell.
    3 shots: Power/Agility lost, you die very soon if not repaired.

    1 shot: Sanity lost.
    2 shots: More Sanity Lost.
    3 Shots: Sanity greatly lost.

    Ok, How About the Point Blank System?
    The Point Blank System was created to get rid of the frustrating times that plague most shooters when you are trying to kill someone that is right in front of you. When close enough to an enemy, simply press the Point Blank button to execute them. When closer you can also melee attack or grab enemies.

    How does Melee and Grabbing work in Dreamscape?
    When within melee distance, you can perform a melee attack. Melee consists of either beating someone down or taking them out silently when without a silencer. Some weapons aren't that silent, but you can always be silent with your bare hand, so stealth is always an option if you're healthy enough to do so. Certain weapons will kill faster than others, some will splatter blood around, and you may have to quickly clean it up if there are any people patrolling around. Otherwise, feel free to take tire irons to enemy's faces and break their bones.

    What kind of Melee weapons are there?
    Just a few of the Melee weapons included: Scissors, Box Cutter, Pipe, Tazer, Syringe, Screwdriver, Handcuffs, Pencil/Pen, Chair, Fire Axe, Lamps, Sledgehammer
    Various Knives: Throwing, Combat Knife, Machete, Scalpel

    How do I heal myself?
    Both Bandages and Drugs will help you heal your pain. Bandages will heal specific bullet hits, and there will be a variety of drugs that can heal you good but can have side effects. Be careful with mixing drugs or overdosing.

    Who do I play as in this Game and what's it about?
    You play as Virgil "the Virgin" Coltreese, a former kingpin bodyguard who has gotten soft after escaping the east coast crime life many years ago and now lives out in the west coast. But your brother Leo has stirred up trouble in a local lowly gang run by the Kardovas. Your brother claims it's not his fault, but soon you find your head getting smacked by a metal bat, and dragged to a warehouse to be set as bait and punishment for Leo. Upon waking you find a cigarette being put out on your face, accompanied by a grimacing smile. You find yourself in the presence of Angelo Kardova, the 17 year old son of Apollo Kardova, the Kingpin. Angelo, who acts a tad psychotic but is rather intelligent, looms over you, mocking you and asking about your brother. Soon, he starts to talk to a figure in the dark, the burning embers of his cigarette floating in the air. You recognize his voice: it's a colleague from the east coast, Job Fisk. You bargain with Job to try to have him vouch for you, but Job still seems a tad bitter.
    Along the story, you'll run find yourself in the company of a whore with a blood fetish, a Russian who sells girls as sex slaves over seas, a deafened drug dealer with a vendetta and a whole other sort of colorful characters that grit and grime can provide.
    Just to make it clear, this game isn't about just doing mission after mission for the crime ring until something happens. The story is constantly evolving, and everything has a point.

    Where does it take place?
    This game is set in the city and streets of San Diego, California.

    This game is ultra-realistic: it is going to be really hard isn't it?
    That hardest setting of the game will be the setting that is going to be true to life as possible. The easier setting will be similar, but will be adjusted for those of you that don't want it so real.

    Is this game single player and/or multiplayer?
    This game will be a single-player, and maybe if there is a big enough response after its release, maybe we'll add an MP, but it would be a large undertaking.

    When you say "realistic" how realistic do you mean?
    We mean true to life, to the most brutalizing of degrees. So jabbing people with knives will get blood everywhere, and taking shots into people's eyes is possible. If it can happen in real life, it is most certainly can be in the game. Also, expect sexual content, as well as nudity.

    You talked about the melee weapons, how about guns?
    Pistols: Old favorites like the Beretta and the Desert Eagle are included, as well as some fresh faces; like the Baby Eagle, Yarygin PYa "Grach", MP412 "Rex", and my personal favorite the 27 round OTs-33 Pernach Automatic Pistol and many more.
    SMGs: SMGs include the usual guns like the MP5A1, Ingram Mac11, Mini Uzi, as well as the stylish Beretta M12S, AEK-919 K, and PP-19 Bizon.
    Shotguns: The Sawn-off shotgun, the Berretta 1201F Semi-Auto Shotgun, and the TOZ-194 Pump Action
    Assault Rifles: The AKS-74U and the FN SCAR-H, are more portable Assault rifles, better suited to the streets and easier to conceal.
    All weapons listed above can be found at: http://world.guns.ru
    Other Weapons: Spear gun, Flare gun, Grenades, Molotov Cocktails, Nail gun, and other fun stuff.
    ero partito con l'idea di tradurre tutto, poi ho realizzato quanto lungo fosse questo post.. accontentatevi del fatto che l'abbia formattato ben benino

    in sostanza si tratta di uno sparatutto strategico in terza persona che punta tutto sul realismo dei danni subiti/provocati, e dall'atmosfera che richiama parecchio "Condemned", titolo Monolith in uscita

    primi screenshot

    primo video (degli effetti visivi implementati)
    http://www.dreamscapemod.com/mod/Files/V ideo/EffectsTrailer.avi

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    Il LINK del video non funge

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    La Borga
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    bisogna registrarsi per scaricare il video

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    ma l'ho scaricato un'ora fa da quella url, e senza registrazione!

    sono 30 mega, non mi ci metto ad uploadarli da qualche parte

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    vabbè mi sono sacrificato io, dopo lo uppo

    EDIT: uppato

    http://rapidshare.de/files/7201702/trail er.mov.html

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    The Dreamscape: Pin Point Blank team has reached another milestone. We have released our 6th internal build. The build is currently undergoing heavy testing by the team but we are glad that it is out of the way. We're 6% done and we're very happy about that. The move to 7% with the 7th build will be a tough one, but we are ready for the challenge!

    Here are few over-sharpened and bloomified screenshots for you to enjoy:

    The team is currently working on a trailer which we hope to release pretty soon.

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    è lunga la strada . Però promette molto bene

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    Predefinito Re: [MOD SP] Dreamscape: Pin Point Blank

    A prima vista è carino
    Speriamo che lo portino fino in fondo...

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    questo mod sembra incredibile.... speriamo veramente lo finiscano (magari intempi ragionevoli)

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    sembra bello, si sanno i termini di scadenza?

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