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Discussione: [D3 Unofficial Mission Pack] : Idea for a mission pack/ mod thing...

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    Predefinito [D3 Unofficial Mission Pack] : Idea for a mission pack/ mod thing...

    Sembra che abbiamo un secondo mission pack non ufficiale oltre Facing Hell , bene , molto bene

    Well I've ben toying with the idea for a mod, or more like a mission pack for Doom3, since it apears that the Doom 3 community is becoming less and less active, I've decided to present it to you, who knows, maybe someone is interested...

    Here's a short summary of how the story begins:

    (any similarities between other stories are most likeley coincidental, unless if you've watched event horizon like me ):

    The destruction of the UAC base on Mars.
    Only the people who hold the highest ranks at UAC know what really happened there, as they covered up the true cause of the invasion. Since the "incident", however, there have been rumors amongst UAC members about what happened, these rumors vary from stories about an attack by anti-UAC terrorists, to an alien invasion, some even talk about an invasion from hell itself...
    But the destruction of the UAC base isn't the only thing that happened back then...
    One of UAC's research vessels, the "DANTE" was in orbit around Mars at the time of the incident. Contact with the vessel was lost the moment the base on Mars went dead.
    The ship just vanished...


    The UAC picks up a distress signal, repeating itself every hour. It's origin seems to be located near Jupiter.


    UAC scanners discover the origin of the signal: a ship hovering near Io, one of Jupiter's moons.
    Scanners identify the ship as the Dante.
    Repeated scans and footage verify that the ship, that seems to be moving away from Jupiter, is in fact the Dante. However...
    Despite all of the evidence indicating the ship's identity, mere logic tells that this ship can't possibly be the Dante, since the Dante had already been found and salvaged, 2 days after it's disapearance...

    So if the Dante had allready been found, what the hell is this ship and who is sending the distess signal??


    Baffled about it's discovery, the UAC gathers it's staff for an emergency meeting. They prepare a large team of scientists, rescue workers, engineers and marines.

    An unpleasant surprise awaits them...
    ---------------------------------------- ---------------------------------------- -----

    So when the team arrives, they are attacked by "an unknown foe, theit transport ships are destroyed, and the survivors are stuck on what apears to be a haunted ship...

    The main character, the player, is a marine (or what did you expect ) trying to survive, and trying to find out what the hell is going on...

    note that the marine in this story is NOT doomguy

    The idea is to create an experience just as frightning, or even more frightning then D3 was.

    New features:

    Nothing much new really;
    *2 new bossed
    * (at least) one new monster: a new type of zombie; a frankenstein-like freak, held together by stitches, fleshhooks and barb wire.
    *Maybe a new weapon
    * A bunch of new characters

    Screenshots and art

    Some concept art (2 bosses and the marine)

    Screenshots from a small map I've been working on:

    As you can see my mapping skills are still very basic... In fact I don't have much skills aside from maybe my art. That also means, that I can't be modleader, because I'm to young, unexperienced,... Now I know this just sounds stupid, but I gues I'm just a guy who thinks he has an idea that could make something good, who is basicley asking if there's anyone out there bored enough to help with this project, and who might concider being in charge...

    And if there isn't, then at least I can look back at this and say that I've actually tried for once.

    So IF there is anyone out there interested/ bored/ crazy enough to want to help me make something out of this, contact me.

    And if there isn't, so be it

    Link del progetto

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    M.o.d.e.r.a.t.o.r.e. L'avatar di NoSf3rA†U
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    Predefinito Re: [Unofficial Mission Pack] : Idea for a mission pack/ mod thing...

    Stareo a vedere se sarà all'altezza dei Colossi MODS di DOOM3 che conosciamo

    Comunque che ben venga!!!

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    Beylerbey Barbarossa

    Predefinito Re: [Unofficial Mission Pack] : Idea for a mission pack/ mod thing...

    Che noia!
    Ci sono decine di mod annunciati, ma nessuno ancora finito.


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    Predefinito Re: [Unofficial Mission Pack] : Idea for a mission pack/ mod thing...

    è la condanna dei nuovi motori grafici , se si vuole fare una mappa o un mod normale allora ci si sbriga "relativamente" subito, ma se si vogliono fare le cose in grande i tempi si allungano, e il mio sospetto è che in futuro sarà ancora peggio .

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    Predefinito Re: [Unofficial Mission Pack] : Idea for a mission pack/ mod thing...

    Uppo questo mod ancora in sviluppo

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