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Discussione: [MOD MP] : Lightning Battle

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    Predefinito [MOD MP] : Lightning Battle

    Per fortuna l'avvento di Quake 4 sembra non aver rallentato l'afflusso di Mod per Doom3

    This is not a revolutionary mod.
    This is not an innovation.
    This is not clever, original, or thought-provoking.
    This is white-knuckled, hard-hitting deathmatch.

    This is Lightning Battle, a Doom 3 minimod by ShadowMan and Techokami. It isn't our goal to make a killer app or put a twist on gameplay. All we want to do is give Doom 3 a deathmatch mode it can be proud of, and to do this, we're turning it everything up to 11.

    Doom 3 multiplayer, to be honest, was crap. It was slow, couldn't tell if it was trying to be intense or stealth-based, and was just rough around the edges. Why not just try to push it in one direction or the other? Doom 3 just wasn't fast or intense enough, so we decided to go the whole 10 yards and turn it into a campy, Doom 3 chop-saki.

    What's Done:

    Faster, higher-jumping, higher-health, fall-surviving characters

    Weapons rebalanced: fire faster, have more ammo, and other miscellaneous tweaks (chainsaw range increased).

    Rocket Launcher replaced with Chainsaw Launcher.

    Player always has all weapons at any given time (minus BFG).

    What's Happening:

    New weapons: Explosion gun, sledgehammer

    New weapon sounds

    New maps (mod currently uses a handful of maps from d3files.com)

    New player skins

    What's Next:

    Unreal-style announcer?

    New macros

    Katana weapon

    Primo annuncio:(con indirizzo del sito ufficiale)

    First public announcement.
    No screens yet because there's nothing still to really show off except for a promo pic, but one video up showing a sample deathmatch. Thanks to Atlan who remade Q3DM6 for Doom 3 (the map used in the video and banners). Expect more content in the coming weeks.
    For more information, visit the website at http://lightningbattle.moddb.com.

    Lightning Battle

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    Predefinito Re: [MOD MP] : Lightning Battle

    news , un comunicato e due immagini:

    Due to conflicts with all team members involved (musical recitals, computer failures, and other mods demanding more time), there has been a lull in Lightning Battle's development. Now that all of this is behind us, we can begin work on the mod again. First and foremost, a new map is currently being developed titled Redlight Reactor.

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    Predefinito Re: [MOD MP] : Lightning Battle

    Nuove immagini e video


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