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Discussione: [MAPPA SP] : DooM3_sp_the-big-empty(temp title)

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    Predefinito [MAPPA SP] : DooM3_sp_the-big-empty(temp title)

    Uao quando l'ho vista mi sono spappolato le pupille nel guardare i modelli dell'aereo e della macchina

    I thought I would throw my own tupence into the pot, and announce my own doom 3 map project. This is my first ever attempt to do a game map, so I will probably be asking plenty of stupid questions from people here as the project goes along.

    At best, I hope to manage a wonderfully scripted, storyline-rich, epic mod, with lots of cool new things you will never have seen. Of course being realistic, what it probably will be is just another “run around and shoot things for no reason” level map.

    Currently I have most of the main geometry laid out and working. Everything looks ok. Light count is reasonably good etc.

    Scripting is nearly non-existent so far, as are monsters. I have no real clue how to place and operate enemies correctly yet. If anyone could point me in the right direction of a good tutorial for placing enemies and using the a. I. I would be grateful.

    Hopefully I will have a playable beta release in about three months. After that, if I can work it up into something more….. I really don’t know. Will have to wait and see how my knowledge goes.

    For now, I give you a few screenshots. All feedback welcome.

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    Predefinito Re: [MAPPA SP] : DooM3_sp_the-big-empty(temp title)

    ...non c'è un download

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    Predefinito Re: [MAPPA SP] : DooM3_sp_the-big-empty(temp title)

    ovvio è in costruzione, fra tre mesi circa avremo una versione giocabile, parole dello sviluppatore

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    Predefinito Re: [MAPPA SP] : DooM3_sp_the-big-empty(temp title)

    Nuove imamgini:

    The “laser trap” section of my map is pretty much done. I still need to sort out the scripting end of it more, but it works.

    I have been experimenting with water type effects, to some success. I have “still water” and “running water” working. So far, visually the only bug is the mirror effect. Like all mirrors in doom3, it tends to be pretty anomalous. Fixing that is beyond me. I need to figure out how to get “bullet strikes” happening on the water too.

    (Contrast boosted on this shot quite a bit. I think it looks nice.)

    I have got “poppy” to work as an NPC. She just needed a few animations to work. Hopefully I can get her as a main character in the final version. Probably won’t make an appearance in the first release. As an npc, I have problems with her eyes, and head. She is totally wall-eyed, and she does a good exorcist impersonation, with her head nearly spinning right around. Pretty funny, butt in need of fixing.

    I have the “enemy” working. Z-secs, with machine guns. Re-skinned with the normal security skin. They look like security guards. Behave like z-secs. I am recording new vocals for them. They are going to speak English, and be alive, and not be possessed by the devil and all that.

    I have cut-scenes animated and working. Big thanks to obi-wan, both for the rigged doom guy, and constant help across the forum.
    I figured out how to make the cut-scenes work from dissecting obi-wan’s level. He has a nice way of avoiding too much annoying scripting Wink does all his triggers in the entity window thing.

    Thanks to a friend of mine, there will be a new enemy drop ship. Dermot Sweeney (aka, cgdermot) has built me a nice drop ship model. Just have to finish unwrapping it and texturing it. It has an “inside” so I can use it for dropping off stuff etc.

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    Predefinito Re: [MAPPA SP] : DooM3_sp_the-big-empty(temp title)

    viste le immagini è da provare assolutamente!

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    Predefinito Re: [MAPPA SP] : DooM3_sp_the-big-empty(temp title)

    he si

    Forse ho sbagliato classificazione, questa non mi pare proprio una mappa ma un mod vero e proprio , se è così nelle prossime ora cambio titolo

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    Predefinito Re: [MAPPA SP] : DooM3_sp_the-big-empty(temp title)

    da quel che ho letto ho capito che è un progetto di una mappa per DooM3 e che l'autore spera di riuscire a gestire ottimi script e storyline.Un mod con molte cose mai viste. Ma dice che è realista e che molto probabilmente diventerà una mappa "corri in tondo e spara"

    Visto che parla di un mod con molte cose mai viste, penso che il progetto sia per un mod; ma non so, forse è meglio se ti informi tu che magari trovi qualcosa di certo.

    Ah, attenti perchè quello che ho scritto è il MIO tentativo di traduzione fatto al volo e senza dizionario per giunta (per la carità, in inglese ho 8; ma è pur sempre inglese scolastico) Ma almeno ci ho provato

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