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Discussione: [Q4 Mod MP] : Silent Risk

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    Silent Risk - The Future of Covert Warfare
    The website to Silent Risk, a Quake 4 project is finally launched. The game is a multiplayer action game set in a near future world of constant conflict. Highly trained and well equipped soldiers engage in Covert Warfare all over the world. Visit www.silentrisk.com for some more glimpses into the game including a few renders of game models.

    Il Mondo di Silent Risk

    World Background

    The world of Silent Risk is a world in turmoil. In the past two decades a series of political, economical and military developments have changed the geopolitical face of the earth. Large associations of states, the so-called factions, have established themselves and their secret conflicts spirals the world into a state of constant, ever increasing agitation.


    The first faction to consolidate itself was the European Union and Commonwealth (EUC). After the abrupt shortage of fossil fuels a wave of unrest gripped the far eastern states. Europe stepped in with military power, which eventually lead to the Neon Crusade: The slow absorption of far eastern and north african states into the newly established European Commonwewalth.

    Even tough the european faction is one of the most wealthy ones its quick growth in size has drastically increased its already sprawling bureaucracy. The entire EUC is hampered by red tape, spending money and time for nothing. Technological and economical progress is slowing down causing traditionalist and reactionary politicians to cling to their stagnating empire like the rulers of old rome. They grow more desperate and extreme in their measures to keep their wealth secure. Unrest among the exploited commonwealth countries and the rebelling youth of the countries of the "european core" is common.

    North America

    The reborn North America is the youngest of all the factions. An extreme act of terrorism hit Washington DC and eradicated the entire political apparatus. A quickly growing corporation managed to use this vacuum to seize control by establishing a puppet government. This eventually privatized the landmass previously known as the United States of America.

    Being led like a corporation, North America has become one of the most active and aggressive factions on the globe. The corporation is making constant and quick scientific progress and it excels in holographic technology. To fuel these developments the entire country became extremly consumption oriented. Corporate controlled media politically censor outside media and stupify the people. This strategy of consumption and media flooding has also led to a strong presence of controlled and artificial entertainment.

    South America

    Economically weakened individual states of South America began to legalize drug traffic in the hopes of improving their position. This drastically increased their wealth but led to the entire South American continent being ostracized and trade regulations were put in place. To create a counter-balance the Republic of South America (RSA), a conglomerate of states led by a senate, was formed.

    The south american faction financially profits from the relaxed laws, with drug traffickers, ethically questionable scienctists and tax-fugitives bringing in money. However the big mass of people has a relatively low standard of living within South Americas huge hive cities. Freedom and the belief that everyone can make it big with what he's given are the most important good of these people.


    The dramatical growth of China led to it swallowing the small nearby Asian states thus creating a ring of satelite nations around it's own land. Its hunger eventually led to the asian faction reaching for Siberia. The asian faction has just recently created settlements on the land that has been made accessible by the global warming.

    Ruled by an iron-handed dictatorship the asian faction is one of the most stable ones. Surveillance, strict laws, and draconian penalties ensure the status quo. Those that stick to these rules are rewarded with a relatively good standard of living. A strong leader and worker/soldier cult as fused with the traditional spirituality of the asian cultures and pervades the cities, hidden from plain view.


    You join one of the four different factions, depending on the map played, each with different special abilities and equipment. Possible objectives include any combination of demolitions, hacking, information retrieval, VIP, assault and target missions. Once your team has completed it's objective it can advance to the next mission-stage in the current map. To succeed you need to carefully use of stealth to cause confusion for the opposing team and improve your own chances.

    Each team needs a well rounded mix of different skills. A flexible but easy to use attribute system allows you to create multiple roles to suit your different playing styles: A fast and light armored recon, a heavy machinegunner, an explosives expert or a sniper are just a few possible examples. These attributes also help with various actions you can perform during a round. Among them are the planting or disarming of bombs or the hacking of computers and doors. You also have access to a wide array of upgradeable weapons and unique equipment.

    In addition you can easily customize the look of your own character. You can choose from a variety of Headshapes and -skins and you can add so-called Headstuff such as caps, masks and hats to your player. You can even create your own badges and automatically share them with everyone on the server to identify yourself, your nationality or the clan you belong to.

    This is just a rough overview of a few of our features, some of which are secret and not listed here.

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    Bello bello, sai la data di uscita? Ho dato un occhiata velocissima al sito ma non mi sembra di averla trovata

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    non mi sembra ci sia

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    Ah ok

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    Predefinito Re: [MOD MP ] : Silent Risk

    Da quello che ho capito è un mod in stile spionaggio alla metal gear

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