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Discussione: Total Conversion DooM II] : Darkness Project

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    Predefinito Total Conversion DooM II] : Darkness Project

    Ancora in sviluppo:

    DooM II vivo anche dopo 12 anni

    hello all, its CM here and im looking for help. You see the Technical Darkness project never really went underway. I am still currently working on bits of the project, but i really want to get the project going! And if all goes according to plan with the help of you guys, the project should be finished very soon!

    so anyways, here are the new updated features that you will find in this project:
    *High Resolution Weapon sprites
    *3d floors/ slopes
    *Breakable glass/ breakable MD2 objects
    *MD2 Support
    *Super Detailed Architexture - MD2
    *New 3D level objects - MD2
    *Realistic Dynamic Lighting
    *High Resolution Textures
    *Tons of GZDoom effects
    *In depth level scripting
    *lots of other stuff...

    what im aiming for is to create a very realistic modern day looking doom level.

    all it is going to be for the moment is 1 level. and if the project goes down good, then it will probably develop into a series.

    im looking for:

    a very good coder - someone who can do decorate, and put a high resolution weapon sprite into the game, and do alot of other technical coding jobs. mostly working with XWE to do various tasks.

    a good mapper - someone who can make really detailed maps, and work with MD2 environment objects. a large portion of the map will be created using MD2 models that i create.
    anyone else who thinks they can help is more than welcome to contact me!

    thanks. i will be posting some High Resolution weapon screens on here soon!

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    Predefinito Re: Total Conversion DooM II] : Darkness Project

    ci sono pi tc in sviluppo per d2 che per d3... (dato che molte stanno abbandonando l'impresa...)

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    Predefinito Re: Total Conversion DooM II] : Darkness Project

    a momenti vero , mettici che DooM II per molti un classico, mettici che la tecnologia oramai passata , molto pi facile da usare che permette di ricreare conversioni notevoli senza essere in 150 a svilupparla , la grafica quella che ma chissenefrega

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